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“You say I am loved. That’s the truth.” This is exactly what Lauren Daigle’s newly released album, Look Up Child, is all about. Daigle speaks the truth through her soulful, pop-filled music that has stolen the hearts of many. She does so by relating to average, everyday people who are on a pursuit to finding their true identity in this society all while following God and His teachings meant for us. It is remarkably easy to get caught up in life and not have time to truly think about all of the aspects that people encounter on a daily basis. But Daigle’s songs can help you determine that otherwise. Each song on this album contains an abundant amount of reassurance and the drive in which people need in order to seek and understand God on a more deeper level. In the 13-track album, Daigle wanted her focus to be on how her music should “convey honesty,” and allow people to “…see authenticity…” about the true word of God and how His love for everyone is overwhelmingly powerful.     

The contemporary Christian Music artist from Louisiana captures the true beauty of God and how He loves on an extensive level. In her most personal song, “This Girl”, Daigle finds the true beauty of being lost within her faith but is certain that she will always mend her way back to the Lord. Her love for the Lord is captured throughout the entire album. She talks about the true beauty of losing yourself but then learning to truly cherish life’s greatest moments for what they come out to be. With her powerful, attention-grabbing, and honest lyrics that time was spent precisely on, Daigle provides for her audience a raw, yet authentic style of worship music that has drawn the attention of many. Throughout her soulful storytelling, she was capable of putting into her own words just how God is constantly protecting us from all our personal fears and trials we face in our lives. It is evident in the song “Your Wings” and how we are able to find Him in the darkest moments and allow for Him to be there for us when we are in need of His willingness and Grace the most.     

In the time she spent carefully constructing this album, she created it as an opportunity. She wanted those who are listening to endure life through a series of powerful and passionate words that bring people into a realm of stillness and interprets the fact that God is always with us. In her song “Rescue”,  she puts into perspective that there should not be a way that stops us from searching for God and His teachings in life. Daigle wants people to recognize that the purpose of this album was to “be such a record of joy, such a record of hope, that people experience a childlikeness again…” It’s indisputable that the songs that are presented in this album all fall under the same pattern. Daigle created it so that they would focus on how people should see things in their life through whatever issue they might run into, taught to put their trust into the Lord, and know that He will provide for us in the end.     

Look Up Child is a beautifully, well thought out album that had a remarkable message to it overall. Daigle had focused her mind on the idea that she wanted to create an album, which would focus on how “more people are going to relate to [her] music if it’s sincere…” Her music is a work of exquisite and precise art that focuses on the brokenness one can feel towards certain ideals in life without God present daily. It’s a work of art that allows people to understand that no matter what hardship people encounter in their lives, He is always going to be there for them in their darkest moments when they are weak. He provides so much for those who have an abundance of love for Him. This album is just the thing you need to understand who He is and what He does for us. And Lauren Daigle captures those moments flawlessly.

Second year Elementary Education major who is obsessed with Dutch Bros. and watching sunsets at the beaches.
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