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It can be hard living on your own and sharing your space again, but there are many hacks and small purchases that could help with your dorm life. Some examples are making purchases on amazon and shopping online at Ikea, all of which will enhance and make your experience at GCU all the better. 

Setting the stage in a double suite, with a couple of roommates that have different schedules. Two have early classes and have to wake up at five in the morning to get ready, and the other two have afternoon classes and can sleep in until nine in the morning. All of you drink coffee but you used the majority of your dining dollars on GCBC. This calls for your own coffee bar/station.

Having your own caffeine station will save your dining dollars and save you the hassle of going out and getting the coffee in-person. Having the necessities such as a Keurig with coffee pods is a big must to have but when your budget is a bit slim. Whether you prefer pre-ground or whole coffee beans, it’s really your choice.

Instead of a Keurig, you can get a French Press coffee maker. It’s half the price of a regular coffee pot and it’s less bulky so it can save a lot of space. If you like to grind your coffee beans yourself another additional purchase could be a coffee bean grinder, it’s also a small device that can be very convenient to put in your pantry.

If you also love to have sweet cream cold foam on top of your cold brews, look no further than a frother that can be found at your local Ikea, but if you want to save time, all of these products can be found on Amazon. Good luck on your coffee journey!

If you have a lot of clothing items that require hangers but cannot find enough space this could be your solution. Cubbies and shoe racks are great additions to cleaning cluttered closets. Small cloth cubbies are good for storing jeans and cargo pants. Ikea sells cloth cubbies that are big enough to hold up to four pairs of pants in the bigger top slots and hold up to two pairs in the lower bottom slots. This saves space for sweats, shorts, etc. in your drawers that you have under your bed. It’s not good to have multiple hangers cluttering your closet: it can cause a hazard if it breaks and it can overcomplicate the cleaning process when it comes to move in day and move out day.

If you're a shoe addict and have no idea where to store your shoes, the cloth cubby could be a good suggestion as well. But if you want all pairs to be organized and have everything in order a shoe rack is something that you definitely would want to add to your shopping list. Some can hold up to 16 pairs of shoes so, if you’re a shoe addict then this is something for you to consider. This rack can also be found in Ikea and on Amazon.

Some of these products can be something that you are extremely interested in or you can take them with a grain of salt and keep these in a storage bin in the back of your brain.

There have been some really good reviews and good ratings of which makes a product more reliable. Always read the reviews! I hope these tips and hacks have saved you some time, and have made your rooming experience more personalized and unique such as yourselves. Lopes Up!

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