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Hola chicas! It’s been your first few weeks on campus so first of all, congratulations! We are very grateful to have you everyone back on campus, you have survived a whole pandemic and are now starting a new chapter with in-person learning.

It’s been tough on some levels when it comes to adapting to new environments, some have only stayed in their room for weeks while others have tried to make the most of going outside and enjoying the non-busy streets. Introverts and extroverts have very different ways of coping with living somewhere new, especially on campus.

In the Latinx community the majority are used to having someone with them at all times; parents, siblings, cousins, you name it. However with the pandemic, most are left alone to figure out their surroundings. The Latinx community is very diverse when it comes to how to adapt in new surroundings and how well we can handle ourselves.

Everyone comes from different backgrounds; for example, if you’re an only child you may not be used to sharing a room with three to six other people. On the other hand, if you’re a sibling and are used to sharing personal items you will either see it as an easy transition or as another bump in the road. Talking to your roommates, getting to know them and setting boundaries will make or break your relationship with them.

If they are also Latinx or another ethnicity share your culture and embrace where you are from. For example, if you’re Mexican and one of your roommates is Puerto Rican, you will be able to discuss the similarities and differences within your cultures with the rest of the dorm, educate others and it may make you feel more at home. Sharing these cultural differences and similarities will bring the dorm together because it will create a basic understanding.

Different Hispanic cultures are around every single corner so get out there and meet everyone; men, women, nonbinary individuals, literally meet and learn from everyone that you can.

As the majority of the population of Arizona is Hispanic, it’s very common to know and speak Spanish. Unfortunately, some don’t have access to learn Spanish growing up let alone hear a single word from their parents. If a friend or a roommate approaches you and says they don’t speak Spanish nor understand the context please don’t make fun of them or put them down, even in a joking way. Instead translate, explain the context of the sentence and maybe teach them how to say the sentence if they want to learn.

It’s very important to spread the Latinx culture around campus but also to not to be overbearing about it. Share your personal experiences and traditions with others and maybe get together to celebrate as a group. But first and foremost be yourself and don’t change yourself for ANYONE! Have a great day and Lopes Up! 

I'm a writer and hopefully will work my way to become a future editor for the Her Campus Club and take this experience beyond the college journey. I am a lover of literature, preferably poetry, and Shakespeare play writes.
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