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The Indescribable Loss of a Pet

Our constant companions, and in only a few short moments they become our best friends for the rest of our lives. We grow up with them and they with us. They and their human create an unbreakable bond that no one else can dare to understand. When we lose them, it is a loss like no other. It hits different…

Growing up with a pet is one of the best things that someone can experience. These animals in a short time become our constant companions and show us and give us love in a way that we cannot experience with other humans. Whether the animal is feline or a canine, they are able to sense their humans’ emotions and provide them comfort in a time of need. They do not judge us and only crave constant love, no matter how long we are away from them they will always greet us in the same way: with love and constant loyalty.

woman with dog
Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

When it is time for them to leave this earth, the pain is often times indescribable. We’ve grown up with these animals since we were infants and do not know the world without them in it. We may be losing the one friend that has always been there for us and they also may have been the only friend that has always supported us no matter what. The constant love, loyalty and comfort that we both receive from our morning cuddle sessions on the couch, long walks in the park and perhaps even the constant threat of a mental breakdown from all the stress we experience due to busy schedules, personal issues and all of the school work on our plate keeps us going in the hardest of times. Coming back after being away from home for so long and seeing their reaction when we walk through those doors warms a soul to the core. When sensing how happy our animals are, we can temporarily forget all of the stresses that we experience and focus on loving them just as they love us: unconditionally.

The hardest part about animals passing and not having the opportunity to be there for them is the guilt. You begin to wonder if there was anything more you could have done to help or if they think that you have left them and do not care. The unbreakable bonds that you have created with your companions are something that they and you will never forget. Each bond is incredibly unique and cannot be replaced no matter how much time is in between each new friend. Our furry friends know how much we love them and that they will never be forgotten. Many times, our companions will hold on until they know that you are close to them whether it be you that is there, or someone close to you.

These animals that started out as pets grow into something so much more, they are family and play a much greater role than we realize. They help us get through so many difficult times in life and can sometimes be considered the glue that holds the family together. Our animal shows that no matter what happens, love can always continue to be unconditional and love overcomes any obstacle.

Hi! My name is Emilee Beers (my friends call me Em). I am 20 years old from Orange County, California. I am in my third year at Grand Canyon University and I am majoring in Elementary Education with a Special Education endorsement. My hobbies are reading, journaling, singing, Disney and hanging out with little ones! I love hanging with friends and going on adventures. Hope to see you around!
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