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I try not to be too extreme with the statements I put on paper; however, there might be a common elephant in the room.  

As most of us know, and as I address in some of my articles, the world is SUCH a divided place right now. It does not seize to amaze me. Often times I wake up and think to myself, “Is this STILL happening?” 

2020 was a wild year and most of us are starting to face the tough reality that 2021 may also be a bit bumpy. In the midst of everything, are multitudes of healthy habits and life choices we do have control of during this uncertain season. Being in community with people and safely socializing is really important. We are not designed to be alone. Even if it seems like it sometimes. This year has taught me that we are meant to have a sense of community around us and people to have fun with. Life has a variety of obstacles it throws at you, but it can be so full of light. 

This last chapter in my life has shown me the importance of a real community. Coming to college and meeting so many well-rounded people, as well as being involved in the right activities has been life changing. Thank you GCU! To me, community is defined by the people that are with you during the highs and the lows, and of course, those who you can be your true self around and have fun with. I think it is healthy to self evaluate and determine the many aspects that tie into a good community. I have learned that it changes as you get older and experience new things in life. Family and friends are a big part of life. It sounds pretty basic but you can truly find it in almost anything such as the grocery store, church, or school. 

You have the opportunity to meet someone new every day! In learning, I have realized it is your job to sculpt the community you want around you. You can let people in, just as easily as you can let them go. It is about the future you personally want to design and the factors that go along with that. Sometimes God brings people in your life, solely to teach you a lesson. I believe people sometimes make presumptions and plans for themselves about people and exciting opportunities that are placed in their lives without thinking because it is easy to do. Or at least I do, personally.

There is a huge difference between independence and codependency. I believe it is so important to build a steady foundation and healthy community around you to help you go through life’s obstacles, because that is what we are meant to do. 

As we get through the holidays and prepare to enter 2021, it may be hard to swallow the realization that the next year could be just as bumpy. Be kind to those around you, show extra grace and understanding, stay safe and healthy and also live your life with the people you love. 

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Savanna Kerr

Arizona '23

Hi! My name is Savanna Kerr. I was born in Hawaii/grew up in Seattle. I attend GCU and I am studying professional writing and psychology. I was previously a journalist and eventually head editor for my school newspaper in high school called The Kolus. I am looking forward to being on this team!
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