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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at GCU chapter.

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. – George R.R. Martin 

 To escape after a hard day of work to a land where magic and Dragons exists isn’t as hard as one might think. Though many believe that books are a waste of time, statistics say that the total percentage of U.S. adults who are unable to read an 8th-grade level book is over 50 percent. An almost unbelievable number to see when that percentage includes leaders of our country and the parents of future generations. 

Books not only allow you to step into a world, not of your own but allow readers the opportunity to learn from perspectives that are not their own. They also offer the ability to know that the reader isn’t the only one who might be going through difficult situations.

I cannot say that all books are philosophical and make you question the life you are currently living, some are silly, and some are serious. Yet without books, I’m afraid that the lonely would become even lonelier and education form past lives would cease. Book Genres such as fantasy, Science fiction, non-fiction, and mystery can be enjoyed by anyone when paired with the right author and right genre. As for myself, it’s hard to get through anything that isn’t Fantasy or science fiction, though many of my best friends find comfort in non-fiction and romance. 

I cannot say that reading is an activity for everyone because, in truth, it isn’t. Encouraging younger people to read would be a positive change in the world and might even help communication issues within our future government leading to a better tomorrow. Not only are books a great way to improve communication but to help nourish emotional development, prepare students for a school environment, develop a strong attention span, and is a healthy way to replace television. For the people who hold books as close as they do friends, remember that those who refuse to read and don’t understand the appeal just don’t see it yet. Hand them a book and send them on their way, the more exposure to literature the better.

Books not only inspire music but also TV and Movie programs. Without a book, superheroes like Batman and Captain America would have never leaped off of the page and onto the screen. 

Book lovers who feel alone can join Grand Canyon University’s creative writing group called Friends of the Pen whose ASGCU page is linked here if interested for more information.  Group meetings are every Thursday at 8 pm in the Commuter Lounge on campus.  Surrounding yourself with people who have the same likes could be beneficial for both your social life but can also play a huge role in networking for future job opportunities. Another great opportunity to get your creative writing juices flowing is to join Write on! Which is led by Professor Goodman on campus and meets every Wednesday at 11:15 am every week. I hope to see you there! 


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From Southern California and is currently a English Major in University. I strive to see magic in all things that our earth provides.