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The fall season is among us which brings all the cozy vibes. With fall candles, Halloween movies, yummy fall Trader Joe’s snacks, and seasonal books, fall may arguably be the best season. Entering into the fall months also means getting back into a routine again, especially for college students. We had our moment with hot girl summer, but now it’s time for fit girl fall. Here are some tips and tricks that can keep you thriving in the fall season while also enjoying all your favorite fall things.

homemade meals

The fall season is the best time to start experimenting in the kitchen. Cooking homemade food is a great way to eat a little healthier. While it may seem time-consuming, meal prepping can be a great way to prepare all your meals for the week and can give you options for easy meals to grab on the go. 

Trader Joe’s has some great fall-themed foods that are super yummy and easy to make. A popular favorite is the harvest pasta sauce which is delicious paired with noodles and Trader Joe’s chicken sausage. Another yummy fall meal is soup. Trader Joe’s has fall-themed pre-prepared soups that can be warmed up to create another quick seasonal meal. Cooking can make you feel put together and is really enjoyable when trying new recipes and foods.

getting active

Working out a few times a week is super important, especially while in college. Working out not only reduces stress, but it feels good to get outside and move your body. One good way to stay active is to go for a walk around your college campus. This is also a great time to listen to a podcast or put on your favorite fall playlist. Doing a yoga practice on YouTube or even trying out weight lifting at your campus gym can also be great ways to move your body. 

enjoying hobbies

It is very difficult while in college to stay on top of school, work, and relationships all at the same time. Although it can be hard to find the time, it is also equally important to keep up with your own personal hobbies and things that make you happy. Whether that is reading, making art, running, or anything else, it is important to put these things in your schedule. It’s also not too late for you to start a new hobby! You are never too old to learn something new just because you might be in college. Life is all about new experiences, and this is the perfect time in your life to try new things and explore different interests you may have. 

maintaining healthy relationships

Investing time into your personal relationships, whether romantic or platonic, is very important. Life is all about balance, and it is imperative that we value our relationships. As you get older, it’s easier to drift away from people who are close to you because you have to make time in your busy schedule to see them. Making sure that you schedule time for loved ones is important because these are the people who are going to lift you up and make you happier. It’s also equally important to show love and attention to yourself because feeling good about yourself reflects the way you treat the people around you.

Life is all about balance, and when life gets busy it can be even harder to balance everything all at once. Doing these small things throughout your day can make a huge difference in the way you live your life this fall season. It’s important for all of us to strive to be the best version of ourselves that we can be!

Audrey Guy is a student at GCU majoring in Business Marketing and Advertising. When she is not in class or writing HerCampus articles you can find her in the gym while listening to Emma Chamberlains podcast, Rewatching Gilmore Girls, drinking a Chai Latte, or listening to Taylor Swift. Audrey loves writing about lifestyle, fashion, music, beauty, and more!