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First dates or any date for that matter can be a whirlwind of emotions from exciting, nerve-wracking, perhaps even awkward. Whether the date was good, bad, or somewhere in between, body language is a telltale indicator of one’s interest or lack thereof toward you. 

Step 1: The eyes

Turns out the eyes really are the “windows of your soul.” Eye contact is especially important to take note of on a date. Broken eye contact and a shifting gaze along with fidgeting is indicative of nervousness and anxiety. Contrarily, a sustained stare alludes their interest in you. Likewise, pupil dilation acts as a physiological reaction of our autonomic nervous system when humans are sexually attracted to one another. Also, if your date ever compliments you, especially on your eyes, that’s a good sign that they like you. 


Step 2: The torso 

If you happen to notice your date invading your personal space or leaning in towards you when you’re talking, that’s a good sign of authentic interest. Your date is more than likely going to want to impress you, so pay attention to how they dress and what their posture is like. Casual outfit choices and crossed arms means they aren’t trying too hard to impress you. On the flip side, if you notice an overbearing aroma of cologne and plenty of question-asking, they are trying really hard to impress you. 

Step 3: The face

The “eyebrow flash” usually happens when you and your date first make eye contact. It is a slight raising of the brows that happens within one-fifth of a second, hence the reason it is called a flash. The eyebrow flash is a reflex of our visual cortex that occurs when there are sexually arousing stimuli processed in the brain.  Additionally, if your date scratches their face at any point, this is a result of a sudden rush of blood causing the sensation of itchiness. Blushing cheeks are a clear sign of nervousness and they probably wouldn’t get nervous around you if they weren’t attracted to you in the first place. 


Step 4: The feet 

Our feet instinctively face where or who our minds are focusing on. If your date is genuinely into you, their feet will naturally face you and they will be less distracted by outside stimuli such as their phone. They are going to want to take advantage of every second they have with you if they truly are attracted to you. Along with pupil dilation, feet are also a key part of the body involved with the flight or fight response in our autonomic nervous system. Feet are the easiest to pay attention to when you are both walking, so if he matches your pace that means he is intentionally putting you before himself. 


With all of this being said, correctly interpreting human emotion, motivation etc. can be easier said than done, and because we are fallible species, we can misconstrue things by nature. Reading people’s minds is unfortunately impossible; however, reading body language is a skill that just needs some plain old practice.

My name is Kayla Murphy and I was born and raised in Phoenix. I am currently a freshman studying Psychology with a minor in Behavioral Health Science. Apart from writing I love painting and reading books.
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