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How to Host Galentine’s Day: Girls’ Night In Edition

The beautiful February 14th is upon us, hosting a plethora of events, emotions, and love. While couples gaze longingly into each other's eyes, singles are left with two options: to mope around their empty apartments with a bottle of wine and a pint of Ben & Jerry's, or host everyone's favorite event -- Galentine's Day! While you may be tempted to revert to the first option, the second option has the potential to become your favorite event of the year...the choice is up to you! 

In case you're dipping your toe in the Galentine's Day waters for the first time, I've prepared a little survival kit of sorts. I prefer my Galentine's functions to be girls' night in events and am confident that you can host the best Galentine's Day party out there with these simple instructions. 

Step 1: Set up an optimal Galentine's space. 

Like any party, you need to know what venue is going to have the best space for you and your gal pals. Galentine's Day in means you need a venue that will allow you all to lounge around -- really, this just means choosing between your living room and basement. Will everyone have space to spread out blankets and doze off during your third rom-com? Do you need to find a temporary home for the coffee table? Move around the furniture before your guests come, so all that's left is fun! [Suggestion: A blanket fort? Always a winner.] 

Step 2: Add festive touches. 

Decorations for Galentine's Day can be anything and everything you want it to be. Keep it simple or go all out! Things that you should definitely do include: Organize the table for food/fun (a bouquet of flowers is always a good idea), dedicate an area for extra blankets so they don't end up taking over, invest in plastic champagne flutes (no matter what you're putting in them!), and showcase your entertainment options (movies, games, nail polish, etc) in a central and easy to see location. These are the basics, all you need now is your own special touch! [Extra sweet tip: Provide little mailboxes for everyone to put little notes in! You can even decorate them as one of your opening activities...bring on the love!] 

Step 3: Food fun

While the poor ladies on first dates during Valentine's Day may be picking at their salads, Galentine's Day means there is no shame in eating...whatever it is your heart desires! Is your crowd a group of sushi lovers, or will they be thrilled with an extra large pizza? Will you have a chocolate fountain (let me answer that...YES) and a section for hot tea? Or maybe you want to eat everything out of a box, and decide that Chinese and bulk ice cream is what you'll be feasting upon. A breakfast theme is also a winner. Whatever it is, decide what your menu will consist of before the big day -- that way you're stress free, not hangry. [Make sure there is a variety in your snack selection; have some fruits, veggies, and a protein aspect to your chocolate and sweets, especially if you're going to be partying around the dinner hour.] 

Step 4: Entertainment 

You need to make sure you have some sort of entertainment options -- but a totally free schedule is never the wisest, especially in larger groups. Pick some games that will let everyone get to know one another better. [Suggestions: Taboo, Quelf, and The Game of Things.] And make sure your movie selection matches the vibe you're trying to create! Are your gal pals going to want sappy dramas, hilarious rom-coms, or a Disney marathon? Make sure you're prepared for whatever can occur. Also, you had better have a party playlist set up before the gang arrives. Prepare for fun! [Other entertaining ideas: nail center, facial headquarters, cookie decorating station, and card making desk!] 

Step 5: Comfort 101 

Girls' night in would be nothing if it were not a cozy time of friendship. Make sure your guests are able to kick back and relax. Even if everyone comes in their party best, encourage your girls to bring pj's so they can chill out! [Goodie bag gold: fuzzy socks, cute mugs, and candles.] Make sure you have enough comfort to go around -- you don't want to be short on blankets! If you need guests to bring sleeping bags (no shame in going back to 7th grade), then make sure you let them know ahead of time. 

Ready, set, go! You are now fully prepared for a successful Galentine's Day. Fill your heart with love, chocolate, and your very best girl friends! 


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