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How To Find “Instagram-Worthy” Photo Ops Anywhere You Go

Anyone that uses Instagram knows the struggle of wanting to post a picture but not finding the right place to take one. Spotting those perfect opportunities to snap a quick, cute photo can sometimes be challenging. Through my experience of taking pictures and finding commonalities in different pictures and backdrops, I have narrowed down ways to find the perfect photo op at any location. Hopefully this article will help instagrammers see photo-taking as a less daunting task.

1. The Plain Wall

A backdrop that you are sure to find in nearly any location is a plain, blank wall. To most, this does not seem like a great location for a photo op and may seem underwhelming. However, plain walls come in various colors, textures, and materials. When you look around at different buildings, usually no two walls are the same. Anyone can get a great photo in front of a wall using different angles, poses, and filters. Whether you’re by yourself or with a group of friends, a picture can always be dressed up to look artsy or simple and minimalistic.


2. Greenery

Whether it’s trees, grass, vines, etc., greenery is something that can add a little something extra to a picture. Sometimes all a photo needs is a neutral green tone to allow the picture to look natural and create an earthy look. When taking photos outside, it is obvious that there is greenery all around. Simply looking for a pop of green in the surrounding area can give your Instagram picture a natural feel.

3. Sunsets

There is a photo op for everyone nearly every night when the sun goes down. Taking pictures outside in front of a beautiful, colorful sunset is a picture-perfect opportunity for the gram. If sunsets aren’t your thing, the time just before the sun goes down – “golden hour” – is a great time to go in the sun to add a golden glow to your pictures.


4. Windows

My personal favorite place to take photos is in front of some dark, glass windows. When you take a photo in front of a window, it appears as a crisp, black frame behind you. This creates a clean, modern look to your picture. Windows can be found almost anywhere outside. The tint of the glass windows allows the colors and objects/people in front of the windows to pop, and creates a more professional look.

5. Nature

Whether it’s trees, the sky, lakes, rivers, or flowers, there is almost always a different and unique photo to be taken in nature. This could mean driving out to a nearby lake to take a picture in front of the water, or going out in the forest to get a dark and moody type of photo. Many cities also have unique spots to visit that can also be great opportunities to experience different scenery. 

Finding ways to have fun when taking photos is the most important part

When it comes to Instagram posting, it can sometimes feel like a task. However, keeping your eye out for these everyday opportunities to snap a picture, can make Instagramming feel very effortless. When you’re out and about, having a photographer’s eye for these things can allow you to spot more photo ops and capture moments with friends. On the whole, Instagram is not to be taken so seriously; however, finding ways to have fun when taking photos is the most important part. 

Hi there! My name is Lauren! I am an incoming freshman and will be studying marketing at GCU. I've lived in northern Arizona most of my life, but I was born in San Francisco, CA. I've always had a passion for being creative and have enjoyed doing things like singing, painting, and writing for as long as I can remember. Most days you'll find me with my big yellow hydro flask in hand probably talking about Taylor Swift. I hope to put a smile on your face with my writing, and to portray the love of Jesus in all that I do!
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