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What is a Revival?

Ever since the Asbury University revival that began on February 8th, the word “revival” has been thrown out a lot throughout the media. So, what is a revival? A revival is seen as a renewed passion for God. There are many ways this revival is being acted upon, such as the countless worship nights, group praying, and the spread of the gospel nationwide. Many college campuses are experiencing a revival because of the renewed attention and interest that Christianity is getting. Revivals are often seen as a gateway to salvation and spiritual awakening. A revival implies that many people are hearing the news of God and feeling the Holy Spirit. Although they often occur due to the strong sense of the Holy Spirit being felt, everyone has free will to decide if they will let the Holy Spirit lead them to walk with God. For some individuals, this will be nothing other than an experience to them. God will always be knocking at your door, but every individual has the choice to let Him in or not. 

What has held our generation back from God?

You cannot live for the world and live for God at the same time. In today’s world, there are many sinful temptations and distractions that continuously push people away from Christianity. Social media is one of the biggest influences on this generation. We learn sinful habits and lifestyles that are spread all over social media and idolized. Social media often idolizes lifestyles that are opposite to a Godly lifestyle. We have grown into a generation of followers who lack individuality due to choosing popularity over importance.

Why is it popular right now?

Why now? Why 2023? Many people say revivals aren’t in our control and that it is an act of the over-presence of the Holy Spirit. I believe revivals start with the people who walk with Christ and follow God’s call of spreading the word. The Holy Spirit then comes to pursue the growth of followers in Christ. Revivals occur when people are rattled and want quick fixes for their uncertainties. They are often the outcome of people searching for hope or the desire for something good to happen. Hope provides motivation, healing, comfort, and encouragement, therefore people often search for hope when it is hiding the most. The media reminds us every day of the countless social and geopolitical issues arising not just nationwide, but worldwide as well. Constant reminders of current event problems spread fast in a generation that is glued to technology. Even if these current event problems don’t have a firsthand effect on an individual, it is not irrational that it may affect them emotionally with the impact of social media. As a result of the constant reminders of issues that are being faced, people search for hope for the nation. Gen Z is the future of America, therefore, it is reasonable for us to have strong feelings about where our future may be headed.

Revivals are not only influenced by worldwide issues but personal issues as well. People can absolutely take part in the revivals because of their individual basis and experiences. For example, when hearing people’s testimonies, most of them always start with the individual’s experience dealing with whatever hardship they faced and overcame by finding God. They found God due to the struggles they were facing, and they looked up to God as a sign of hope. Gen Z uses hope as a gateway to their faith and beliefs. It is normal for people to look to religion or God for hope when they may have nothing else. So, is this revival an outcome of individual experience or global and geopolitical events? Everyone has had their own individual experiences from the beginning of time while geopolitical events are forever changing and experienced by everyone. Because of the numerous global issues happening today, many people predict we are in the end times and assume we must get right with God now before it is too late. Christianity is more foreign to Gen Z than any other generation due to the many distractions and temptations that we must overcome. The revival is opening a door to many people who aren’t saved by Christ or haven’t gotten the opportunity to hear the Gospel. Because of the revival, many more people are facing a choice of faith that they may not have known they had prior to the revival. 

How will this impact our generation?

Because of these revivals, more people will have a gateway opened and gain more knowledge of the Christian belief system. It is likely that more people will choose to follow God and spread the Gospel to their peers. Many people will have a spiritual awakening and get the opportunity to live a fulfilled life. Individuals will be transformed in a way they never imagined and start walking through life with God.

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