Her Campus Fashion Edition 2018 Vol. 7

2018 LOOKS:

            Happy New Year! I’m back and ready to welcome in the New Year with what is on the fashion agenda for 2018. Last year’s fashion edition ended with fur coats, and because it is still cold outside, I want to start 2018 by talking about layers. Layers come in all different forms, and having the ability to play around with the different looks that come with them makes the extra effort worth it. Recently I have been experimenting with layers, one because it’s cold, and two because it is like playing around with accessories. Because I really enjoy putting outfits together, I decided that for this edition I want to share a few of these layered looks.

            Something that I really love is layering under big or oversized sweaters. The outfit that comes to mind when I think of layering is a pinstriped white and faded blue collared button-up shirt under a big pastel pink sweater. The collard shirt made the look appear preppy, but I paired it with knee ripped skinny blue denim and short black boots. Then to top it all off, I put my thick grey denim jacket over this set. Another technique would have been to pair the sweater with a tightly fitted turtleneck underneath.             

            That brings me to my next outfit because layering a turtleneck under a sweater is exactly what I did. I have noticed that layers with high necks seem to look better under sweaters, opposed to layering a piece with the same collar as the shirt on top of it. This next piece was an off-white fitted turtleneck sweater, and I decided to pair it with a black sweatshirt. I even it took it one step further and wore a long olive green trench coat. Now I was definitely warm, as you might have guessed, but I liked that it was different. To finish the outfit, I had dark grey knee ripped jeans that were frayed on both the knees and ankles with black tights underneath, and then added tan Timberland boots.

            A final tip that I wanted to share with you is layering knit long sleeve tops that sit just below the hip under a tight fitted cropped sweater. I love this pairing because the sweater scrunches the long sleeve at the bottom to the point where it flares out. At times I switch out this long sleeve for one that I have with embellishment along the trim. Then I pull the outfit together with some knee ripped skinny black jeans that are fringed at the knee and ankles paired with short black ankle boots. As you all can tell, I enjoy putting my outfits together, and I think that my creativity specifically shows in the winter because you have more clothes to work with.

            Layers are something that may seem odd to talk about because typically no one thinks about how their layers could add to their outfit. It’s usually just something that people do when its cold, but I say: use them to your advantage because layers are a LOOK.

            One last thing, I do have some exciting news to share with you all! Shortly I will have the opportunity to go around and talk with established designers and brands that have made a name for themselves through their fashion lines. I am bringing this to my column, and if you remember from last year when I introduced “brand highlight” as a segment, this is where it will go! Previously, I discussed the PMO lifestyle brand. This opportunity recently presented itself to me, and the first thing to do is to share these fashions with all of you.


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