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Participating in group costumes with friends is a fun way to follow a theme with your besties while being able to show your individuality. Group costumes don’t always mean having to dress the same way. When all you need is a common theme, you can decide who you want to be and add your own spin to it. No two people are the same, let alone a group of friends. The great thing about these costume ideas is they allow for enough customization so that each friend can feel perfectly comfortable whether they want to show some skin or stay conservative. Here are a few costume themes and ideas you can mention to your besties.

Horror Movie Characters

What’s Halloween without some spookiness? Dressing up as horror movie characters keeps a unified theme within the group but allows everyone to choose their own character, thus allowing some individuality. Some examples of characters that could be selected are Chucky, Chucky’s bride, Ghostface, Jason, Freddy Krueger, etc. Everyone can choose their favorite character, adjust their costumes however they’d like, and put their own fun spin on it.

DC Villians

DC has a wide variety of characters, but let’s be honest: the villains always have the most fun. DC villains have some of the best choices for women to dress up as. Some options for your group are Harley Quinn (a classic), Poison Ivy, Joker, and Catwoman. Each character is unique, as each friend is as well. Whether you want to let an alter ego out, dress as something out of your comfort zone, or want to express yourself, there are options for everything.


Pirates is such a classic, but you can never go wrong. The best thing about being a pirate is that no matter where you see or read about them, you will never find two pirates dressing or looking the same. Pirates are known to be rebels, not live by anyone’s rules, and be themselves unapologetically. Coming up with pirate costumes can also be super easy. You can host a DIY with your friends, making it a fun costume-designing night before a fun Halloween night out, or buy them.

Fanta Sodas

Dressing up as Fanta sodas is a fun and playful costume. This one requires everyone to have monochromatic costume colors. About the color, well, that’s up to the besties to decide which color fits them best or which one is their favorite. This theme is a fun way to create a simple costume with a theme that adds a personal feel to you.

power rangers

Power Rangers are still cool, no matter what anyone else says. After all the different versions that have been put out, there’s no shortage of what type of Power Ranger you can be. Like the Fanta Soda idea, deciding on the ranger can be as easy as choosing your favorite color or character from when you watched them.


It’s another classic idea, but there are always spins to add to it. This theme can be molded in different ways depending on your friend group. If everyone wants to be a cop, they dress it up differently or be other branches of law enforcement. For the inmates, that one is always fun as each costume can be so different and easy to customize. There are versions with sweats, tanks, jumpsuits, shorts, etc. What’s also a benefit from these themes is the ability to mix them. Your friend group can split themselves up, half being cops and the other half inmates, a fun spin on a classic.

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