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Grand Canyon University Hosts 7th Annual Run to Fight Children’s Cancer

Early this morning, hundreds of volunteers woke up, laced up their sneakers, and gathered outside the Grand Canyon Beverage Company to finalize preparations for the Run to Fight Children’s Cancer. This is the 7th time Grand Canyon has hosted this race, raising money for the Phoenix Children’s Hospital and the Children’s Cancer Network. Run to Fight is the largest race in Arizona that is dedicated to pediatric cancer. 

Volunteers began checking in at 5 a.m., setting up water stations and making sure that each portion of the course was set with cheer teams ready to support the runners. The 10k began at 7 a.m., with the 5k following at 7:45. At 9 a.m., the grand finale took place – the Cancer Survivor Walk. With music blaring, volunteers cheering, and a full carnival set up on GCU’s Quad, Run to Fight was a full day of celebration and support for families that are battling pediatric cancer. 

Teams of families and friends participated in the run, sporting matching t-shirts, headbands, and running for their loved one. From mothers with strollers to grandparents walking dogs, the atmosphere of support was strong as runners took the blocks surrounding Grand Canyon. As cars passed, wondering what all the commotion was about, they were able to witness the spirit of hope that each participant in the race reflected. 

Cancer is a scary word, and when a child is diagnosed, entire families are severely affected. The need for love, community, and continuous research for a cure is what those families need. Run to Fight aims to meet all three of those needs. With the entire Grand Canyon campus devoted to this day, Thunder the antelope high-fiving the heroes in capes, and iHeartRadio providing tunes, this party was one of celebration – celebration of the survivors and celebration of those who are still battling this disease. 

Grand Canyon thrives on community, having taken that from the GCU campus to the Phoenix community as a whole. With students who are willing to wake up before the sun to coordinators who work all year long to make this event a success, the Grand Canyon family is excited to serve the Phoenix area.  

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