Georgia Hale’ 19

Have you ever met one of those who just walks into a room and they are the life of the party? I would like to introduce you to Georgia Hale. Yes, her name is like the state. Georgia just happens to go by peaches instead because one it is her favorite scent, and two she has such a peachy personality.

Georgia is currently a sophomore this year. Her major is Elementary Education. Georgia wants to teach second grade to be exact. Georgia loves going to concerts, she loves working for the city of Scottsdale. She is a recreation leader for the city. Georgia is a military child. She has been all over the country.

Georgia is from Alaska, but her heart lies in Texas where her family currently is located. If you ever get to spend the day with Georgia I highly recommend you fasten your seat belt she is loads of fun. She has an obsession with Harley Quinn and old cars. If you really aren’t friends with Georgia, you are missing out! She is a great person to be around and she always knows how to make you laugh.