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Sometimes life feels like you are always looking towards the next big thing. It all starts with graduating from high school, as you start looking forward to college. Then when you get accepted to college, you start looking forward to moving out and going away to college. Then when you eventually get to college you look forward to breaks and summer and the moment when you finally get to graduate from college. Then you begin wishing for the future to come fast so that you can start your dream job and get life started already. 

We tend to look so much at the future because life is not always what we expect it to be when we are in a certain phase of life. It seems like we hype up our future so much that we become disappointed when the next phase in life is not everything we expected it to be. When our life does not live up to our expectations, the only thing we feel like we know how to do is to just wait a little longer until we can get to the next point. 

It is important to value each phase of life when you are in it. Even though it can be tough sometimes to value today, it is good to remember the little moments each day that you actually enjoy. This can be things like enjoying the view from your window, watching the sunset, talking to the nice customer at your job, and seeing your friends. These everyday things in college that we do not even think about can really add up and make life better. 

Enjoy the little things now so that you do not have any regrets when you move on to the next phase of life. When you are just waiting and wishing for the next best thing you are missing out on the best things in your life right now. You can learn to appreciate the little moments with a few different techniques. The first way you can learn to appreciate the little moments is by journaling about all the good things that you encounter in your day to day life. Another way you can learn to love the moments in life is by thinking about what you are grateful for each day. Another way is taking time every day to reflect on your favorite parts of the day and your life. 

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When you think of the future, remember that in time it will eventually become the present. Perhaps your future will be everything you ever wanted. Or perhaps it won’t. It will be best to strive to have the best future you can possibly have, while also enjoying the present. When you learn to love the present and where you are right now, it will be so much easier to be in love with your future when you get there.

I hope to help individuals who read my writing posts know that they are unique and accepted and can find a fun and safe space when they read my posts! I hope that individuals who read my posts can become inspired and feel welcomed.