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            Just as we thought all hope for The DC Cinematic Universe was lost, Gal Gadot graced the screen for two hours and has restored hope, and of course Wonder, to fans worldwide.

            Female empowerment seems to be a growing theme in today’s society, and rightfully so, and because of this we are seeing far more female leads than ever before. A prime example of this is the 2017 Wonder Woman film starring Gal Gadot and the Chris Pine. I’m not sure how many here at GCU have seen or heard of the movie, but I myself have seen the movie twice in theaters and have fallen more in love with it the more I watch it.

            The movie starts off with a young child who the audience can assume is young Diana wanting to learn how to fight. This seems to be the main theme of the story even as she grows up, the only change is her purpose to fight. Now Diana, or “Wonder Woman”, fights for peace and justice as of course any Superhero should. Wonder Woman not only broke records due to the quality of the movie, but also broke the invisible wall that stopped us from having a strong female Superhero with her own film.

            As movies go. Wonder Woman is unique in the sense that people have arguably never really seen a female character on the big screen that they can 100% stand behind, and whom they want to be like. Wonder Woman symbolizes the belief that a hero can come in any shape and size and still fight for what’s right, no matter the consequence. Wonder Woman is the embodiment of everything we want the world to be.

            The movie was a huge feminist statement that excites young and old alike. That being said, every time the word feminism is spoken, and/or written, people cringe or automatically tune out. To assume that radical feminism is the only kind of feminism is preposterous. Feminism by Google’s definition is “the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes”. To be a feminist is to be an individual that supports the basic fact that all humans should have the same rights no matter their gender.

            Of course there are people that don’t want to see progression, and those people will always be present. The upside to those who choose that path is that they inspire uprising for generations to come. With that being said, the most important thing to take from this is not to become the Wonder Woman, but to become your own Wonder Woman. The world has and will be a brighter world with intelligent women contributing to their society. You might not have super strength or can fly but you can do whatever needs to be done to make tomorrow a brighter day.

            Role models like Emma Watson and Shailene Woodley are taking media by storm, inspiring the fight against racial and social injustices. What makes these women so admirable is that they are constantly taking a stand against unjust treatment to women across the world, and fighting for the health of our planet no matter who tries to oppose them. Fight for those beneath you and always make your voice heard.   

            Wise words were once said by the first Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter. “Learn, Know, be everything that you dream. Because unless you dream it, unless you dream it, it can’t be done”


No matter who you are, watch this video, it’s important for everyone to see.


From Southern California and is currently a English Major in University. I strive to see magic in all things that our earth provides.
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