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My naturally curly hair has taught me what self-love looks like.

I was born with curly hair. Specifically, I have 3B curls. Growing up, I didn’t know anyone with curly hair besides my mom and aunt. So, when I started school, my hair set me apart from the other girls in my class. Admittedly, I loved receiving compliments about my hair when I was a kid. I did get a little jealous of the other girls in my class because I knew my hair could never be braided or styled like theirs, and I also found it annoying when strangers came up and touched my hair, sometimes without permission. I never really hated my hair, but for most of my childhood, I always had a weird relationship with it.

It wasn’t until I went to college that a new door opened for me. In college, I became exposed to so many new people. To my surprise, there were actually people that looked like me! I never thought I would see so many curly-haired people in one place before. During this time, I also became exposed to curly hair influencers and content on social media. After watching hours of curly hair tutorials, hacks, and memes on TikTok and Instagram, something clicked inside me. I realized that it is cool to have and talk about curly hair.

Last summer, I decided to experiment with my hair. I became obsessed with making my hair as bouncy and curly as possible. I gave myself layers, used different curl products, and ditched the wet brush. I even went to a salon near my house that specializes in curly hair. At this salon, they taught me everything I needed to know about my curly hair and how to wash and style it.

It has been almost a year since I learned the proper method of taming my curls. My curls have never looked better.

During the nearly 20 years of life it took me to accept and love the uniqueness of my hair, my curly hair journey has taught me so many things.


Patience is one of the first lessons anyone with curly hair learns. Wash days are always long and daunting. Depending on the day, it usually takes me about an hour to finish my wash day hair routine. This is not ideal. However, the task of washing my hair has made me learn how to be more patient with myself, my hair, and other people.

I Can’t Control Everything

When I was first learning how to care for my hair, I would get frustrated that my curls weren’t as defined as the day before. But that is the thing with curly hair. One day your hair will look amazing, while the next day, your hair will look like you just wrestled a bear and lost. During my curly hair journey, I learned that it is okay that my hair isn’t always Instagram-worthy and I can’t always control it.

My Hair is What Makes Me Different

No matter how much I like or dislike it, my curly hair will always be my defining trait. Most people know who I am because of my hair. While my hair might be different, it is a part of me. It is a part of my family’s history. I have come to honor this fact about my hair.

For my fellow curly-haired girlies, learn to embrace and love the crown that sits on your head. Each curl on top of your head is just as unique as you are. While it might take time to fully love and accept your hair, it is worth it.

Ireland has always loved words, telling stories and being creative. This is why she is majoring in Professional Writing with a minor in Advertising and Graphic Design at GCU. When she is not writing (which is rare), you can usually find her nose inside a book, crocheting, drinking chai tea lattes or spending time with her tight-knit family and her dog named Lilly.