Dollar Shave Club Isn't Just For Men

I’m sure most of us have seen the commercials on television; “make sure you never use a dull razor again.” Yes, I’m talking about the Dollar Shave Club. When hearing about the Dollar Shave Club, everyone immediately assumes it’s just for men. I can promise you, it’s for everyone and I’m living proof that this Dollar Shave Club business, is actually worth it. And by worth it I mean to die for! Our razors go dull all the time and they’re so expensive to replace. This subscription is cheaper than to buy a whole new razor.

Before joining Dollar Shave Club, I ended up buying the disposable packs of razors so I wouldn’t have to pay so much for the razor refills. These disposable razors just caused more problems than they were worth. I ended up with in-grown hairs and red bumps all over my body. Now that I’ve tried Dollar Shave Club, I’m never going back. It’s truly worth it.You have the option to pick from 3 different razors ranging from two to nine dollars. Once you decide on the razor you want, you can choose which refills are delivered. You can choose to have the razors delivered each month or every 2 months. Whatever you choose, you will get four razor refills and a new handle. You can’t even get one razor for nine dollars at the drug store!

These razors are quality and sometimes they will even throw in some shaving cream samples. One razor will last you a week or two, and you actually get a really close shave. Even though the Dollar Shave Club razors aren’t pink or purple, they are for men AND women. If you are tired of having to pay double digits for razor refills that last only a few weeks, you should definitely try the Dollar Shave Club.If you try it and don’t like it then you can pause or cancel your subscription. It’s definitely worth it for broke college students and the more friends you recruit to the club, the more money you get discounted off your next order. I’ve been a Dollar Shave Club member for almost a whole year now and I’ve never had to buy any more razors from the stores, and I never will again.