Defeating Midterms with Our Back to School Survival Kit

Happy November! It’s truly fall now, which means in Phoenix the weather should be cooling down to the 70s! Remember, that’s actually cold in Arizona.

Midterms week just passed, and though it was stressful, we couldn’t have gotten through it without the items from our Back to School Survival Kit! From staying energized with Spindrift to studying in the Phoenix sun wearing our Aeropostale sunnies, it was a stressful but eventful week! Below are the items we received and what makes them so great. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter for your chance to win some goodies!

1. L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze:

These tanning towelettes are perfect for hanging out in the sun. While we’re lounging with our laptops and books by the Papago pool, our team busts these out to give our skin a beautiful, sun kissed glow!

2. Aeropostale:

If you haven’t been paying attention to Aeropostale lately, you’re totally missing out. Not only do their adorable sunglasses look amazing and feel amazing, but their denim is even better. Our team has been rocking jeans from Aeropostale now that the weather here is cooling down, and they are AMAZING. I haven’t worn jeans this comfortable in ages. There are so many different types of denim at Aeropostale, you HAVE to go check them out. Their seriously stretchy denim styles are killer.

3. Steripod, Bed Head by TIGI, and Freeman Beauty:

One thing I always make sure to do, no matter how busy or stressful the week is, is to take care of myself. Thanks to the items from Steripod, Bed Head and Freeman Beauty, self-care during midterms was easy-peasy. My Steripod toothbrush protector is seriously a life saver! Do you realize how many germs are around your bathroom AND your toothbrush? Thanks to Steripod, my pod keeps my toothbrush clean and fresh. When I was up early and running late to classes, who was there to save me? Bed Head! Their Rockaholic dry shampoo is perfect for the days you don’t feel like washing your hair. When I decided to do my hair and fix it up for a test, their Masterpiece hairspray saved the day by keeping my flyaways tamed! During those late-night study sessions, my skin tends to get grumpy. I wasn’t able to do as much as I could this week because I was so busy, but Freeman Beauty’s easy facemasks did the job. My favorite was definitely the charcoal and black sugar gel mask + scrub! All I had to do was apply it to my damp face, leave on for up to 7 minutes while I read through flashcards, rinsed with warm water – and DONE! My face was left feeling exfoliated and fresh.

4. Spindrift and HI-CHEW:

One of the hardest things to do during a busy week is staying energized and motivated! Thanks to Spindrift sparkling water and HI-CHEW energizing candy, staying energized felt natural. My personal Spindrift flavor is Grapefruit. It’s the perfect amount of subtle flavor. HI-CHEW’s chewy fruit candies are perfect for a sweet treat during class or in the library. My personal favorite flavor is Strawberry – you can never go wrong with it!


5. Organized with Erin:

Thanks to Erin Condren’s On The Go Life Planner, my life was organized and my life wasn’t as messy as it’d be without it! This planner is small enough to fit in most tote bags and many backpacks. It’s even perfect to carry in hand! The day-by-day layout helps me plan what I’ve got going on every day of the week, and the Notes section at the bottom is perfect for reminders! With 2018 in the near future, I was ready for a new planner, I didn’t realize the Erin Condren would be so perfect! Not only did it help me during midterms, but it helps me with every day after!