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Crystals: A Guide to Your Spiritual Journey

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Crystals are the earth’s abundant jewels, they are precious and can cost a lot of money. Some might be good to give to a friend or for your own spiritual needs.

Small crystal businesses promote these jewels by saying that they have special healing properties such as bringing abundance, bringing peace and finding love. Some even bring extreme luck by attracting wealth. There is much confusion on what crystal will be more effective for certain needs and what crystals you should buy as a beginner. Well, look no further because here is a beginner’s guide to crystals.  

Rose Quartz is a basic yet highly effective crystal to start off with. Its healing properties include peace, love, and compassion. If you are struggling with self-love or struggling to find peace, this crystal may help you. You must believe that it can help you and must be aware that it will take some time for this process to happen, especially when dealing with a crystal that involves compassion and love. You can buy them in other forms such as a facial roller or a necklace. Putting a rose quartz under your pillow can enhance pleasant dreams and bring a more peaceful sleep. Finally, putting rose quartz in your work or living space can enhance the compassion of all who live there and will help heal all hearts that are in that space. 

Amethyst is necessary on your crystal shopping list. Their abilities include spiritual grounding, and relief from anxiety. Its other capabilities include the ability to act like a natural tranquilizer, relieve stress, soothe irritability, balances mood swings; and dispel anger, rage, fear and anxiety. When it comes to physical properties amethyst can heal physical injuries, reduce swelling, reduce the look of bruising and restore the respiratory tract. But do not completely rely on this crystal if you are experiencing an extreme illness or a severe injury, please go to a doctor or seek medical help. Just like rose quartz, wearing the crystal is the best way to use it.

To close this guide, we will talk about green Jade. This stone blocks negativity from one’s life and may gift someone with courage and wisdom. It also can raise self-esteem by boosting your self-confidence and nourishing your soul. According to crystal shop Tiny Rituals, it can be linked to purity, a clear mind, a calm heart and will help you embrace every part of yourself. Jade can be used in many ways i.e. a Jade roller can be rolled over your cheeks, forehead, eyes and throat to reduce…HEADACHES! Yes, this can cure your headaches, but like any other crystal this will take some time so be patient. Wear it as jewelry to cleanse your negative thoughts. Keeping Jade in your living and work space can bring abundance and luck. 

There can be religious controversy when it comes to beginning your spiritual journey and practicing with crystals. You could be Christian and still practice with crystals to enhance your awareness. But most importantly, if you do not believe in this practice, do not put anyone down for their practice. Be kind to people please.

I hope this guide was helpful for you and I wish nothing but the best for you and your journey with crystals. Stay beautiful and Lopes Up! 

If you want to shop for these crystals or read more about the crystal’s properties, here are the links that were used during my research. 

I'm a writer and hopefully will work my way to become a future editor for the Her Campus Club and take this experience beyond the college journey. I am a lover of literature, preferably poetry, and Shakespeare play writes.