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Starting or continuing a tradition that you can carry out for years to come is a great way to spend this holiday season. Between decorating, light-seeing, sleigh rides, ice-skating, shopping, movie-watching, gift-giving, and party-planning, there are many fun and festive traditions to enjoy. My personal favorite tradition above all the others is baking cookies. You can enjoy baking them with friends or family, decorating them, giving them to others, and eating them yourself! There are so many ways you can turn the baking of cookies into a holiday event, but first, you have to decide on what kind of cookies to bake!

My top-ten Christmas cookie go-to’s:

* Quick note! This cookie list is in no particular order; all are super tasty!

These cookies take your regular comfort cookie – the chocolate chip, and add a bit of holiday flair with crushed candy canes. They would also be super fun with peppermint chips!

These cookies are a classic almond shortbread with sweetened jam in the center, drizzled with a yummy glaze. These add a pop of color to any cookie box.

These cinnamon and sugar-flavored cookies are a Christmas classic – and they pair perfectly with coffee in the morning!

These rolled-up cookies are the familiar flavors of a cinnamon roll, now in cookie form!

My family recently discovered these, and they were immediately a success. Chewy and chocolatey, but still salty with a bit of crunch from the pretzel – these cookies check all the flavor boxes.

An easy no-oven required cookie! These soft cookies are made super quick with oats and have peanut butter and chocolate flavors.

Although a more controversial cookie, these soft oatmeal raisins are delicious. If you do happen to try them – you will fall in love.

Not always super popular, but the strong flavors of ginger and molasses complement each other well in this cookie. Plus the spices are super warming, which makes for a nice treat on cold days.

These cookies are less heard of, but still super good! The cranberry pairs well with the orange to make a delicious holiday treat. Plus, they’re shortbread, which makes them even better.

Aka “Mexican wedding cookies” aka “Italian wedding cookies” aka “Russian tea cakes.” Whether or not these are all the same, and whether you call them by one of these names or another, these cookies are hits with everyone. Pecan shortbread balls coated in powdered sugar; these cookies are perfect for winter.

Hopefully one of these cookies stood out to you, and hopefully you’ll try them. If you do try one (or many), then the perfect way to dress them up is in a cookie box! Quite the holiday trend, Christmas cookie boxes are the perfect way to gift or display your cookies this season. Be sure to finish off your box by stacking up your cookies and pairing them with other little candies, aesthetic papers, and ribbons. Ultimately, no matter how aesthetic or basic the box looks, it will still taste good!

Here are some blogs to check out for the best cookie box inspiration:

Finally, be sure to remember that even if a certain cookie doesn’t turn out the way you want it, it should still be an enjoyable experience! So, relax, turn on some music or a Hallmark movie, and simply have a good time.

Warm wishes & happy baking!

Amelia Miller is a Senior at Grand Canyon University studying Professional Writing with a double minor in Literature and Communications. When she’s not curled up with a book or hunched over a laptop or notebook writing, Amelia can be found outside working in the garden, or going on a hike. Being from Colorado, the connection with nature is grounding and can serve as creative inspiration – but mostly it’s just fun. She can also be found in the kitchen, trying out new recipes or attempting to prove to her friends that vegetarian cooking can in fact be good.