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Blog: A Letter to My Friends Back Home

To My Friends Back Home,

After graduation, most of us knew where our journeys would take us: College. It was a really bittersweet time in all of our lives. We were excited to start our new chapter; but we didn’t want to go our separate ways. I hope you know that I miss you all every single day when I am away at college. We won’t grow apart, we will keep in touch, and you will still be my best friends.

I love listening to your stories about what’s going on back home while I am away. It makes me feel as if I never left. When I tell you my stories, I feel as if our lives are still intertwined and that we are all still together. Life sometimes seems like it never changed. This comforts me because, maybe, my biggest fear about college was to lose all of you. Distance can drag people apart, but you have all been a blessing in my life. We are too close for distance to matter.

When you are upset or having a rough day, that’s always frustrating. I want nothing more than to take the next flight back home just to be there for you. It’s the enemy of distance that makes things hard.  It’s knowing that you are so far away when you need me or when I need you the most. Despite the distance, you still are the ones I always go to when I need someone to talk to or cry with.

Coming home is always so exciting because I cannot wait to see all of your smiling, shining faces. We laugh, and cry just like we used to back in high school, and I can’t help but smile. We are blessed to have one another in each other’s lives. I know I will always be able to count on you, no matter where our lives may lead us. Other friends will enter each other’s lives, but you all will always have a place in my heart. I miss you all and I can’t wait to spend our next summer together. College is a lot easier knowing in the end I will come back home to you.

Love Always,

Jess XOxO

From Boise Idaho! I love to write about anything and everything. Proud to be a GCU Lope! 
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