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The Best Riverdale Episode Yet

If you’re a watcher of the CW show Riverdale, you know all the crazy things that have happened. From the Black Hood, crazy rich dads, psychopathic killers, suicides, and, of course, the mysterious game that has been the topic of this season’s crazy Gryphons and Gargoyles. In the past episode (episode 4 of season 3), we were told the story of how the parents of the Riverdale’s main characters came across the game Gryphons and Gargoyles, or as they called it, G and G.

From a viewer’s stand point, I have to say they did an amazing job with the flashback episode. The cast looked exactly like their parents and, of course, they acted like them as well. Alice Cooper, then Alice Smith was played by Lili Reinhart and let me tell you, she did so good. Her Alice character was spot on and that Lili did a great job portraying what Alice would be like in school. This episode really gave us a background of how the parents were like in high school and why they are so strict and controlling about the G and G game.

Cole Spouse, who plays Jughead Jones, played his dad F.P Jones and once again nailed the part. In regular Riverdale days, we see Jughead playing the gang member type, not the jock, which unlike Jughead, F.P was the jock. I think that this little flashback gave a lot of back story to F.P and we see why he is the way he is with the Southside Serpents and with Jughead.

Being able to get some backstory about the whole Alice Smith and F.P Jones baby was a treat that I did not expect, but also am so grateful for. The topic of their baby has been beat around the bush a little here and there, and of course the whole scenario last seasons with their son, different story for a different day. This was just another reason why this episode was amazing.


KJ Apa also did a great job playing Archie’s dad, Fred Andrews. I would say that their resemblance was the most uncanny and the most believable. Once again, getting that background on Fred and why he is the way he is, and why he ran for mayor and stayed in Riverdale, helps complete our Riverdale puzzle.

There were a few members of the Riverdale squad this episode that did not quite fit the picture of what their parents would look like,however Hermione and Hiram were played to a tee. Camila Mendes played Hermione so well, just like she plays her actual role as Veronica. Hiram Lodge look just like the actual actor Mark Consuelos because his son Michael Consuelos played the young Hiram.

Overall, this episode of one of my favorites this season. I was so excited to watch it and be able to get the perspective of the parents, just to have a different story for at least one episode. They should definitely do more episodes that flashback, because even though they did wrap it up into a little bow at the end, it would be nice to see them all young once again and get more of an understanding of how all their kids are the same age, at the same school.

What would you like to see out of Riverdale? More flashback episodes? More G and G mystery?

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