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Recently, there has been controversy over the cancellation of Ben Shapiro’s speech here at Grand Canyon University. It is unfortunate because it was an opportunity to hear this politically acclaimed man’s views on certain ideas. In particular, the reinforcement of Christian faith in the education system. The denial of his speech immediately spurs the question, “What is the harm in hearing what Mr. Shapiro has to say?” They are his words, ideas, and a reflection of our beautiful, liberating right to freedom of speech. His political views may be viewed as an issue and looked down upon by many, but it is important to look past personal beliefs and view the educational aspect of the opportunity this school was granted if he were to have come and speak here at Grand Canyon University. Instead of being fearful, the school should have been open-minded. This was an amazing opportunity and could have opened many doors for the school in terms of future influential speakers. Yes, the school is gated and safe, but it should not be cut off from outside ideas.

Ben Shapiro 

As a young woman in my justice class mentioned, “It is unfortunate for the campus as a whole, but in particular for government/justice studies majors because Ben Shapiro’s views are in relation to our choice of study and just like speakers for other majors, such as STEM, are able to come; so, why should we be deprived of that same opportunity?” Ben Shapiro is known for his extreme right leaning political beliefs causing the GCU to fear the conflict that could come from his arrival; this is not a good choice, but one of lack of faith in the student body. It would have been a more beneficial idea to invite a speaker from the other side of the political spectrum because then both blue and red sides are revealed, creating that sense of being an open-minded campus.

My name is Brianna, I am from East Los Angeles, California, and am currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Government with an Emphasis in Legal Studies at GCU! I also work as a sushi waitress. I love running, fashion, and binge-watching shows.
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