Being Single on Valentine's Day

Don’t cross out Valentine’s Day if your single.

The holiday that is filled with love and admiration is days away from us. Those who are single seem to loathe the particular holiday, while a majority of the people who are in love find an excuse to buy their loved ones a present. The holiday itself delivers a message where it focuses on people showing affection towards other by offering flowers. chocolates, and most importantly, cards. However, being single does not automatically exclude you from participating or enjoying the holiday. You can always find ways to appreciate Valentine’s day as a single person. Here are 5 ways to spend Valentine’s Day this year and to ensure it is a memorable one!

1.   Plan an Adventure or Road Trip with Friends

What better way to spend Valentine’s day than being out and going to a new place with friends! Take a road trip to the Grand Canyon and enjoy the beauty that Arizona holds. Not to mention, Sedona is also a breath taking location with endless hiking trails to unfold while being surrounded by the magnificent red rock mountains. Picking a random location and learning to love being around nature and friends will definitely make you fall in love with Valentine’s day!

2.   Find a Recipe and Cook Something New

If you love eating food, why not create a new recipe and have a cookout with friends! Whether it be baking a dessert, or even a whole entrée dish, cooking will spice up your day and fill it up with love. Invite friends over to spend a nice dinner with them and they will surely appreciate the gesture. Like the saying goes, food is the pathway to the heart!

3.   Pamper Yourself

Sometimes we neglect to look after ourselves and choosing the day to have a girl’s night will remind us that we come first! Getting a facial or even getting your nails done would help you feel empowered and relax. Spend the money on things you love and treat yourself for being the amazing woman that you are! Head out to the store and buy an outfit you feel confident in. Nothing looks better than wearing confidence all around.

4.   Call Your Loved Ones

Valentine’s day is about expressing your love for others and the people who matter to you the most. Giving a call to friends and family will give them a sense of importance and love that can’t be replaced! A simple reminder that they matter to you will show that not only are they valuable in your life, but that you adore them for being there for you when you needed them the most. Love isn’t about gifts or what you receive, it’s about spreading the message of admiration to all!

5.   Go Out and Have Fun

There are different ways to go out on Valentine’s Day and enjoy the night out with friends! Going to grab a drink, dancing, or even grabbing coffee will leave the night filled with memories and unexpected endings. Just because it’s Valentine’s day doesn’t mean you aren’t able to have fun by yourself or even friends. Being single gives you the opportunity to do anything you want and encounter new people! Life is about experiencing new things and learning to love yourself during the process of it. Don’t worry about not having a significant other this valentines, enjoy the little moments with friends and family this year!