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     Arizona is such a beautiful place with much to do. It contains many sites along with many fun activities you can do during the day and night. Arizona isn’t just a desert; here are some things you can add to your bucket list!

     The first big one is the Grand Canyon. It is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world, and it is just so stunning! Plan a day to watch the sunrise or the sunset. It is such a marvel to look at, containing a contrasting south and north rim. You can hike the trails or just do the skywalk or even plan a helicopter ride to overlook everything. There is also the option to zip line through the Grand Canyon to capture all its beauty! This sight is a definite must to visit.

     Sedona is also another beautiful sight with a bunch of red rock vistas. Nearby is Oak Creek Canyon. There are also different scenic hiking options such as Devil’s Bridge Trail.

     Monument Valley has been a site where many Hollywood movies have been shot such as The Lone Ranger and The Searchers. It’s such a breathtaking and spiritual scene. You can take a Jeep tour with a Navajo guide, and this allows you to even travel in restricted areas. Another activity you can do is horseback riding too!

     There is also beauty and serenity in Lake Powell. The turquoise water fills the canyons and is surrounded by pink rocks. You can hike the rainbow bridge, which is the largest natural bridge and the Antelope Canyon. Just looking at this scenic place is eye catching, and it is something to definitely plan to do in Arizona.

     There are many sites to visit in Arizona, and also many activities to do in many different areas. Arizona is a big place with many options to go on an adventure with family or friends. Make some time to have fun and make some memories!

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