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The first time I got bangs was back in 2020 (quarantine activity). Looking back, they weren’t the best. Okay, I’ll be brutally honest: I see an old photo from that era and cringe. Since then, I’ve grown them out, cut them again, grow them out, and cut them again. With all of the back and forth, I’ve experimented on and perfected what length and style works best for me. 

I had grown out my bangs for about a year before I decided to bring them back for this fall season. These are my tips, tricks, and mistakes so that if you’re interested in getting bangs, you might have a better idea of what to expect. Keep in mind that this is what has worked for me; everyone’s hair is different. My hair is fine, slightly wavy, and thick. 


There are a lot of styles of bangs, or fringe if you will. Researching all the different types will benefit you before making this decision. Blunt bangs, thin bangs, micro bangs, and curtain bangs are just a few styles. Researching your face shape to see what will complement it best is always a good idea.

Just go to the salon

If you have the funds and a trustworthy hair stylist, avoid the devastation of giving yourself a bad haircut and go to the salon. I have never regretted getting my bangs cut or trimmed by a professional. 

For my impulsive girls

Most of the time, I cut my own bangs because it’s cheap and I want it done as soon as possible. So, if you’re going to do it, here are some tips:

  • Drop the kitchen scissors. If you commit to cutting your bangs, do yourself a favor and get some hair-cutting scissors to avoid damaging your hair.
  • Please DO NOT cut them too short. You can always cut more hair off. You can never put your hair back.
    • This doesn’t apply if you’re going for the micro bang look, which can also be super cute and trendy. 
  • Have an idea and strategy in mind. Watch some tutorial videos to learn different techniques. I part the front of my hair into a small triangle and cut those strands. It can be hard to explain, so videos are preferred. 

In my opinion, fall and winter are the best times to get bangs. They can be a handful in the seasons where you sweat more often because they can become weighed down or greasy. If you run into this issue anyway, washing your bangs in the sink is an excellent solution, as I have done many times.

Remember that if you have never styled your hair this way, it might be a shock and will take some time to get used to. If you hate them, don’t forget that hair grows back, and you are beautiful regardless of what is on your head.

Lauren is a professional writing student at GCU and will graduate with her bachelor's degree in Spring 2024. She loves skateboarding, watching films, doing most anything with her friends and spends her summers at her favorite beaches in Malibu.