All About Ghosting

As Halloween comes to pass, it is a great time to take in all of the new and hilarious costumes that have taken over the Internet. Whether they be in the form of memes, social media apps, or dressing in order to “get this bread,” the costumes this year have been incredible. Although the costumes may change, every year one thing about Halloween that never fails to appear is the concept of ghosting. 

Picture Credit: WordPress

Ghosting appears not only in costumes but in real life too! For those who might not be familiar with this, ghosting is known as the act of ending something with someone very suddenly without an explanation. This usually takes the shape of ignoring one’s supposedly significant other out of the blue and stopping whatever relationship was conceived without providing an explanation of why. This can leave the person being ghosted to feel very confused and out of place. This concept has become a very regular thing in today’s society and it is especially popular around Halloween time! Many people meet new people on Halloween and the spooky season can spark some new spooky friendships and relationships!

After the season is over, however, many people decide to ghost their significant other because they do not know how to go about ending things properly. This happens so often, and many times feelings are caught in the mess and individuals are left very confused as to why and what this means for them. People do not often think about how it will affect the other person in the situation. This common phenomenon needs to be replaced with the responsibility of telling someone that the individual is not interested. When two people are straight up with each other it can solve a lot of problems from the get-go. Feelings can be tricky to handle and are a hard thing to deal with confronting but treating a situation with respect and telling the other person their feelings can solve a lot of after-effects. 

So, as we all switch into the jolliest season of the year, remember when you are starting new relationships to be upfront with the person you are talking to. Respect is key in any type of relationship, whether it be a friendship, a newly arranged fling, or a serious relationship that has been in the works for a while. Ghosting is not a cool thing to do and it really disregards the feelings of the other person. So, make sure to consider all things that have to go into a relationship to make it work. Ghosting does not just happen during Halloween, it is a common occurrence that is seen in every season but the more aware that society is on the effects of the individual on the other side the better of a chance we have of stopping it altogether.