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A Centered Glimpse at GCU Students

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at GCU chapter.

It was a blazing Tuesday morning when I finally arrived at what I dreamed to be my home away from home. With two suitcases and a carry-on in hand, I walked into the halls of Saguaro Hall. Although I didn’t have much, two students hurried to welcome me and lead me to my room. Their bright smiles and passionate haste quickly eased any anxiety I had managed to conjure on my way to Grand Canyon University.

This particular experience brought to life a wish to see college students being who they are. So, in the bustle of life at GCU, I found the cracks that radiate wholesome humanity. Some of them are unique occurrences, and others can certainly be encountered by you and me as long as we are on campus. Below are some places that paint the arts of being human: 

Lopes way

This is the famous sidewalk that never quiets until the hours that everyone has gone to bed. This stretch of the sidewalk is lined with multiple appetizing restaurants that pull the student crowd and its constant liveliness. Once you plop yourself on the many chairs outside, immerse yourself into a world of laughter, foolery, romance, and even live try-not-to-laugh experiences because college students love to be themselves comically.

Game Days at the Arena

The most spirited and intense crowds gather whenever the GCU teams play. The love and dedication to this lively lifestyle are so strong that a name came to describe the students who created the thunderous roars and the fiery energy. So, as the Lopes win their athletic titles, they will always have the Havocs to cheer them on.

Worship Sessions 

One thing about GCU is that it celebrates devotion and worship. On Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, students can attend a session where familiar Christian contemporary songs are sung. The passion displayed as students belt their heartfelt worship is a beautiful experience as the melodies and harmonies ricochet around the rooms. If you want to experience this, check out Monday’s Chapel at the Arena, Tuesday’s The Gathering at the Antelope Gym, and Thursday’s Sanctuary at Sunset Auditorium.

The Student Union

This is the most prominent hangout spot on campus, home to various eateries and spacious rooms to bond, hang out, and study. Here, you will hear celebrations, friends who haven’t seen each other in a while meet, humorous food reviews, and if you get lucky, you might get to eavesdrop on the funniest stories. This is also where the students, professors, and other staff interact- a melting pot of personalities will be unveiled. 


It is safe to say that Grand Canyon University has the most incredible and passionate students. Many are fearless in showcasing their authentic beings. Because of this, the campus is overflowing with vivid personalities willing to pursue all the joys that the GCU college life offers. When grief and heartache trouble one, it is evident that many will also share in the sorrows of life.

Take a chance and experience the simple, soft, fierce, and wild personalities that GCU prides itself in.

Hi, I'm Redempta Umutoni, I like to call myself a true citizen of the world. I've had the privilege of calling three continents home. To present myself, my journey began in Rwanda, where I took my first steps, and then I was raised in the vibrant culture of Kenya. Currently, I am attending Grand Canyon University, a marvelous and flourishing gateway to endless possibilities. Throughout my life, I've had the incredible opportunity to travel extensively, collecting a tapestry of unforgettable memories along the way. I believe it is my calling to share the boundless beauty and diversity of our planet with the world. As a psychology major, I stand at the edge of an exciting premedical journey. My passions are as diverse as the places I've called home and scale numerous bundles of interests. I am deeply curious about the human mind, and I'm equally committed to making a positive impact on the world and mainly women through medicine. I see these two passions intertwining in a way that allows me to heal not only the body but also the soul. Writing has been my constant companion since childhood and inevitably, my heart and mind are brimming with stories and poems that are eager to be set free. My childhood homes have been treasuring troves of my creative expressions, and now, I'm ready to share these tales with Her Campus and the rest of the world. A global explorer, a future healer, and a storyteller with a mission to inspire and enchant. Join me on this remarkable journey as I unveil the beauty, wisdom, and wonder I have discovered throughout my extraordinary life.