5 Things to Do While Being Stuck at Home

Ever since the outbreak of the Coronoravirus, several people have been left to stay inside and maintain social distancing. Being a college student, it is especially difficult to completely cut off hanging out with friends and stay being quarantined. Because of this, here are 5 things to do while staying inside and keeping busy!

Learn a New Hobby 

Ever wanted to learn a new hobby? Now is the perfect time to pick up a hobby and keep yourself occupied during these difficult times. This can include learning to play an instrument, painting,drawing, gardening, writing, playing an indoor sport, or even cooking! The list is endless, but incorporating a new hobby can alleviate the stress of being indoors and unable to do nothing!

Try Netflix Party

Netflix installed a new extension where friends can watch a movie simultaneously and chat while watching the movie. The amount of people joining is indefinite and those who love binge watching movies will enjoy this new addition. The directions are clear on starting the party chat and it is a great way to watch movies with friends while keeping social distance. 

Virtual Tours 

There have been different museums all over the world who have enclosed virtual tours of their sites for free. This includes over 2,500 galleries and museums that Google Chrome has incorporated. Needless to say, all of these tours are free and give people the insight of traveling while being at home! In addition, there are certain zoos and national parks that are added to the free virtual tours that can be seen through any electronic device. Makes going to places easier and stress free!

Phone Your Loved Ones 

Since there are several who have been affected by the coronavirus, it has been difficult to visit family members; especially those who are older. Give a call to your grandparents and ensure that they are not forgotten. Imagine being inside and not being able to go outside at all? For some older people, this is the case and they have to remain inside for safety. Furthermore, whether it be grandparents or loved ones, calling someone and asking if they're okay will surely make their day and decrease the amount of negativity circulating around the world. 

Spend Time with Family 

If you are stuck inside your house, spend time with your family and enjoy the company of others. Make sure safety precautions are practiced such as hand washing and cleaning surfaces. Don't forget those who are around you. Walk your dog, get some fresh air, and make sure to continue social distancing. Being inside and surrounded with people you love will help these great times of boredom! 

Overall, it can be difficult to find things to do while being stuck at home. Although it is not the best circumstance, it is best to maintain inside and practice social distancing to help the spread of disease. You will be amazed at the endless amount of things that you can do while being at home! These are just  5 things that will add to your list of helping to keep busy during these tough times!