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As a somewhat of a podcast connoisseur, I find myself gravitating towards the comedy genre. I love watching and listening to people talk about almost anything, but when they’re funny, it makes the podcast experience so much more enjoyable. Here are a few of my favorites. 

The Broski Report

Most young people online, and especially TikTok, know the name Brittany Broski. After gaining a platform from her infamous “Kombucha Girl” meme, many people were attracted to her hilarious and unhinged personality. After Brittany’s first podcast Violating Community Guidelines with Sarah Schauer ended abruptly in December 2022, fans were pleasantly surprised when she announced a solo venture with The Broski Report.

Brittany is a pop culture fanatic, known as the internet’s fangirl. Her content in videos and the podcast consists of talking about all her latest obsessions with celebrities, music, shows, or movies. She also talks about her life experiences and opinions on hard topics. Nothing is off-limits really, which makes it so much fun to watch and listen to. Since the podcast doesn’t have a hard structure, it feels like a conversation with a friend on Facetime, as I find myself laughing out loud with her, even though she’s alone at her desk. Because she speaks her mind so casually and without care, I always find myself super engaged and entertained. 


If you love movies or pop culture in general (or are a fan of the show Arrested Development), be sure to listen to SmartLess with actors and comedians Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett. In each episode, one of the hosts brings a mystery celebrity guest onto the podcast which is revealed to the other two. Since the trio are genuine friends and have been for years, the banter is hilarious and the conversations are deeply authentic, all with A-List Hollywood names backing it up.

Some highly rated guests/episodes include Matthew McConaughey, Tom Hanks, Maya Rudolph, Bryan Cranston, Ryan Reynolds, and Jennifer Aniston. You can really sense that the hosts are having a fun time and that they have a lot of love and respect for one another as well, which is why SmartLess continuously ranks in the top five most listened-to podcasts every month. Although I’m a huge fan of the hosts and can listen to them talk alone, my personal highlight of the podcast is listening to the stories each celebrity brings to the table. A great episode is with one of my favorite actors of all time, Willem Dafoe, who expanded on his impressive filmography, theater background, growing up as an actor, living in Europe, and his favorite hobbies. 


The nevermind. podcast is a personal favorite of mine and the only podcast I have consistently watched/listened to every week since the very first episode. Spearheaded by the hilarious Veronika Slowikowska (aka @veronika_iscool from Tiktok) and her nonchalant fan-favorite ‘roommate’ Kyle Chase, the two first gained popularity from their skits on Tiktok and Instagram. Their skits, in a nutshell, are essentially about the two roommates and their very different personalities. There is a lot of lore that fans of their videos (a small, but mighty group of people) will know about as well. After gaining a lot of traction from “the lore” and their videos in general, Veronika and Kyle made the nevermind. podcast in October 2023.

I love this podcast because as a fan of their content, it provides a sort of behind-the-scenes look at the duos’ personalities outside of acting for their videos. It also answers a lot of questions a fan may have about how they came up with ideas for their videos or what may be next for the storyline. But you don’t have to be a fan or knowledgeable in “the lore” or any of Veronika and Kyle’s content to enjoy this podcast. I have plenty of friends who like them just because they’re really funny and relatable people who we enjoy listening to. It’s also really funny hearing their different life experiences since Kyle is from Ohio and Veronika grew up in Canada. 

Suburb Talks

Hosted by a group of best friends, Suburb Talks discusses topics and questions usually related to relationships and their past experiences. Most of the group has known each other since childhood, which makes the bond really evident and fun to hear. What gravitates me to listening/watching is their sense of humor and the fact that the group is mainly for an audience of 18 to mid-20s. It’s extremely relatable and feels exactly like me and my friend group. They also debate or talk a lot about the differences between guys and girls in romantic relationships, and give out a lot of great relationship advice from all their different past experiences. The friend group is super funny and really hard not to like because you can tell they are all genuine friends. Sometimes they also bring other internet famous guests, recently having on Tarayummy. It’s hosted by Nick Grajeda, Sean Williams, Cynthia Choi, Maru Lee, Devin Paul, and Sage Guillen. 

Emergency Intercom

My all-time favorite podcast, Emergency Intercom, is not for the sensitive. If you’ve been on the internet for a while, you know the names Enya Umanzor and Drew Phillips. The two started on YouTube and Vine and have been running the podcast (along with the help of Ky Newman, who fixes the sound and edits their videos, sitting and commentating from behind the camera) since July 2021, made out of pure boredom from the pandemic. They sit in the corner of their kitchen and basically talk about whatever they want. The two have been friends for about a decade and still never run out of things to talk about.

They are the funniest people I’ve come across online and match my sense of humor exactly. They are unhinged and vulgar, but also display an apparent and genuine love for one another. They remind me a lot of how my friends and I talk and act which is probably why I like it so much. Clips from Emergency Intercom are all over TikTok as well, which is how a lot of other fans find them, so you may have seen Enya and Drew already!

Honorable Mentions: The Bald and the Beautiful with Trixie and Katya, Tiny Meat Gang, Brooke and Connor Make A Podcast, & The Basement Yard

Paris is a freshman writer at Grand Canyon University studying communications and film, interested in pursuing a writing career within the entertainment industry. She loves anything related to the movie world and pop culture. Outside of that, her free time consists of reading, curating her playlists, or binging Glee with her roommate.