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We are officially in the season of love! The month of February offers the perfect opportunity to cozy up with a captivating romance novel. Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day or simply craving a heartwarming escape, these five romance books are promised to sweep you off your feet.

Heartstopper by Alice Oseman

Heartstopper is a graphic novel series written and illustrated by Alice Oseman. Set in a British high school, the series follows the evolving relationship between Charlie Spring, a shy and openly gay boy, and Nick Nelson, a popular and friendly rugby player. Throughout the series, readers follow their relationship as well as their struggles as a part of the LGBTQ+ community.

To be honest, these books healed me. Even though there is so much going on in the series, Charlie and Nick remain so wholesome the whole time. I want to protect them as much as I can. I recommend these books if you are looking for a fast-paced and feel-good series. And while you’re at it, watch the Netflix series!

Book Lovers by Emily Henry

Written by the popular BookTok author Emily Henry, “Book Lovers” is an enemies-to-lovers book about a cutthroat literary agent named Nora. To change her reputation, Nora plans a trip to Sunshine Falls for the month with her pregnant sister, Libby. Despite her best wishes, she keeps bumping into the brooding book editor from home, Charlie Lastra. However, as they start hanging out more with each other, they begin to build a budding romance.

This is the first Emily Henry book I have read, and I plan on reading more of her books in the future! What I enjoyed about this book is that, unlike many romance books, the plot isn’t just centered around the central romance. It also focuses on other forms of love, like sibling love and self-love. I relate to the main character a lot as an older sibling. If you are looking for a book with more layers than a typical romance novel, definitely give this a read.

Tokyo Ever After by Emiko Jean

Tokyo Ever After is the perfect combination of Crazy Rich Asians and The Princess Diaries. The story follows the journey of Izumi Tanaka, a Japanese-American teenager who discovers she is the daughter of the Crown Prince of Japan. Initially, she struggles to fit into her new life as the crowned princess. However, as she learns more about her ancestry and the Japanese culture, she secretly falls in love with her handsome bodyguard.

I enjoyed this book, and it is very underrated. What I loved most was that I felt transported to Japan without leaving my couch. I also learned a lot of new things about Japan and its culture. If you enjoy this book, I recommend trying the second book, Tokyo Dreaming.

Persuasion by Jane Austen

Persuasion is a second-chance lovers’ story about Anne Elliot. Before the events of the book, Anne is persuaded not to marry a man named Wentworth because he is poor. Eight years later, Anne reencounters Wentworth, now a wealthy and successful naval officer. This leads Anne to navigate her newfound love for him.

Yes, I did have to include an Austen book on this list. I do not regret it. Out of all her books, Persuasion is the most romantic. It contains many beautifully written quotes and has great depth to the story. If you want to learn more about Austen’s works, read my other article here!

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The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

Are you in need of a good cry? This is the perfect book for you.

If you somehow missed reading this book, The Fault in Our Stars is about a young cancer patient, Hazel Grace Lancaster, who meets and falls in love with another cancer patient, Augustus (Gus) Waters. The book follows their love story and cancer journey.

This is by far one of my favorite books of all time. It will make you laugh and cry all at once. I love Gus and how he teaches Hazel Grace that there is more to life than her cancer diagnosis. If you haven’t read this book or want to reread it, I highly recommend it.

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