13 Frightfully Cheesy Halloween Movies

‘Tis the season to be creepy, mwhahaha ha ha ha ha. With all of the screams, screeches, and sketchy characters, what’s better than snuggling up at night with popcorn and frighteningly cheesy Halloween movies. Here is a list of a few of the best, classic Halloween movies -- in no particular order. 

1. "Casper"

            I don’t know what’s scarier the animated ghost or that the movie is 21-years-old. This telling of the friendly ghost is packed with humor, tragedy and 90s fashion.

2. "Casper Meets Wendy"

            To go along with the first on the list is our friendly ghost meeting a beloved child star, Hilary Duff when she was a wee little one. Although watching it when you’re 20+ is different from when you were in elementary school, this movie will bring memories and laughter you forgot about.

3.  "Twitches" & 4. "Twitches Too"

            One witch is alright, but two is double the fun. Tia and Tamera Mowry show that there are few bonds stronger than sisterhood, and not even magic can come between them. 

5. "Little Vampire"

            Edward from "Twilight" and the Salvatore brothers from "Vampire Diaries" have nothing on the adorable want-to-be vampire from "Little Vampire." An adorable, American, nine-year-old moves with his family to Scotland, and finds a land infested with vampires. This classic shows that friendship doesn’t stop because one is mortal and another is immortal.

6. "Halloweentown"

            When a young girl grows up not knowing her family secret of being in a long line of esteemed witches, she starts testing out her powers. But when evil enters her heritage land of Halloweentown, it’s up to her and her magic family to save the day.

7. "Halloweentown II"

            Same magical family, more evil problems. A little older, a little magical, and a lot more family time is found in the sequel to the beloved classic.

8. "Halloweentown High" & 9. "Halloweentown Returns"

            The saga continues, but this time it reminds us how uneventful our own high schools and colleges are as we get a glimpse into the adventure of education in Halloweentown. As the last two installments of "Halloweentown" will take you down memory lane.

10. "Matilda"

            Evil principle, controlling parents, misunderstood youth and chocolate cake. Matilda spurs on reading, imagination and the importance of a good teacher. With a wisp of her finger and the raise of her eyebrows, Matilda will charm your Halloween any day.

11. "Beetlejuice"

            Don’t say it, I know you want to, but whatever you do don’t say it three times. The classic feud between ghosts and humans come to life in this fun Halloween movie. Nostalgia is real when it comes to the spirit in black and white strips.

12.  "The Addams Family"

            The most functional family in the USA is the dysfunctional Addams family. They mysterious, grooky, and full of surprises. The marriage of the mother and father = relationship goals. No better family to share the holiday with then the Addams, good thing the family can be enjoyed throughout the year with their sequels.

13. "Hocus Pocus"

            Perhaps the best for last. The most classic of the classics when it comes to the holiday. A talking cat and a budding romance, what could go wrong? Okay, so three witches may have messed a few things up, but the intrigue of this movie has made it a must-see since 1993.