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10 Things To Do In Arizona This Summer

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at GCU chapter.

Are you braving the Arizona heat this year and staying on campus for the summer months? Make your summer one to remember by finding your oasis with these exciting activities.

1. Go to a concert

Arizona is home to a variety of venues perfect for getting your outdoor concert fix. Enjoy a night under the stars listening to your favorite popular artist at Ak-Chin Pavilion or head to Tempe Marketplace to enjoy gigs from up and coming hopefuls.

2. Make a splash

Grab your favorite bathing suit and a bottle of sunscreen and head to one of Phoenix’s very own water parks. Big Surf in Tempe is home to numerous outdoor concerts over summer where you can listen to amazing performers all while enjoying their assortment of water slides. Wet ‘n’ Wild and Sunsplash also offer an assortment of slides and attractions.

3. Cool off in Flagstaff

Head north on the I-17 for some adventures under the pines. Spend a weekend camping or exploring the streets of Flagstaff.

4. Get ahead on your studies

While you’re here at GCU this summer you can get ahead on your studies with enhanced focus. Take this time to enjoy all that our lovely campus has to offer and immersing yourself in Lope life.

5. Float along the Salt River

Spend a day out on the water participating in Arizona’s “floating picnic” on the Salt River.

6. Talk to the animals

The Phoenix Zoo and Odysea Aquarium both offer student discounts! Learn more about animals and spend a day learning about nature and conservation.

7. Shop until you drop

If you get sick and tired of spending your day roasting in the sun, spend some time window shopping with your friends in the air conditioning. Arizona Mills and Chandler Fashion Center are two large indoor malls that cater to your wildest of shopping dreams.

8. Hammock in a new place

With all your spare time, head to somewhere you’ve never been and hammock it up. The staff and student population will be relatively bare this summer so you’ll have most of the campus to enjoy all to yourself.

9. Find a new hobby

This summer find yourself by trying out a new activity. Explore in the early morning hours the various hiking trails the Grand Canyon state has to offer.

10. Stay hydrated!

Don’t forget to drink water while you’re having so much fun. It’s easy to get dehydrated in the summer sun so be mindful of your surroundings at all times and stay on top of drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day. 

Current GCU sophomore and Health Care Admin student with a passion for all things Taco Bell. I'm a proud supporter of horses, messy hair, reality television, and being outside.
President of the Her Campus Chapter at Grand Canyon University. I am a Senior at GCU majoring in Government. I love adventures, horses and Nutella!