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You Are Worth More

There are times in a college student’s life where they don’t feel good enough or like a disappointment. Many of these of these times consist of faults and mistakes that only make you human. So I am here to tell you, as a fellow human, you are worth more.

You are worth more than the class you are struggling with. You might have failed that first exam or overslept that 8 AM, because you were up until 3 AM trying to study for another class and forgot to set an alarm. These things are ok. Do they suck? Absolutely. Now this shouldn’t be a regular thing or something that you should expect from yourself. Things happen and life moves on. Don’t sweat the occasional slip up.

You are worth more than the guy or girl causing you grief. If they don’t text back, don’t worry about it. If they are rude or disrespectful, leave it and let it go. If you feel uncomfortable in the relationship or feeling like its reached the end of the course, end it. Don’t make your life harder than it already is. There is nothing wrong with being single. Enjoy your life for you.

You are worth more than you want to be perfect. There is no way to do every club or make it to every social event you are invited to. It’s ok to not sign up for an organization if you are already a part of three. It is ok to choose Netflix and junk food over that party. There will be more. Take care of you, do not spread yourself too thin.

Please remember you are only human. You cannot do everything the one way you planned. It is ok to mess up and get frustrated. It is ok to cry and question what your life is. It is normal. Just keep in mind that life has its own course for us. You are worth more than the mistakes you make. You are worth more than you believe you are. So give yourself some credit, you made it this far. Love yourself a little and enjoy this time you have.

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