The Women's Center: A Safe Haven

It’s a situation we’ve all seen while downtown: a girl with a drink in her hand fending off a rather pushy guy. Even though this scenario is probably innocent, it could lead to so much more. Sexual assault and other grey areas regarding sex is a very prevalent problem on college campuses. Georgia College tries to combat this issue with the establishment of the Women’s Center. This serves as a safe haven for you to talk about any issues or questions you might have regarding sexual assault or rape. Located in Blackbridge Hall, across from the MAX, the Center is there to help people feel less alone in their struggles. Jennifer Graham, Melissa Gerrior, or any of the volunteers are always ready to listen and direct you to other resources as needed. Everybody is sensitive to the topics covered, as they know that talking about the incident could be triggering to the victim. All appointments are confidential and the women are sure to help you throughout your recovery journey. If the assault or rape happened on campus, and you would like to report the perpetrator, then the Women's’ Center will guide you through the process and check in on you to see how you are doing. The Center makes it clear that no one should feel scared when dealing with these topics.

If you want to learn more information about sexual assault or want to learn how to be an active bystander, the Center offers two training courses a handful of times each month. Be BRAVE: Step Up is the informational program detailing the definitions of different types of abuse and learning to watch for potentially dangerous situations. After completely that course, the BRAVE Ally Training program goes more in depth about how to deal with these incidences once they have already happened. This course is also beneficial to learning how to comfort someone you know who is a victim. Some of the other events planned for later on this month is a discussion sparked by the #metoo movement on April 18th at 6pm. There is also a DIY canvas painting event taking place on April 25th at 5pm. 

The Women’s Center caters to those who feel lost and alone in a time of tragedy. If you need someone to talk to, make an appointment at the Center or if you would feel more comfortable remaining anonymous, call their hotline at 478-234-2788. The Women’s Center wants to assist every student on campus with situations in which they feel uncomfortable talking about elsewhere. Sexual assault or rape can leave you with a lot of questions; you owe it to yourself to get the answers.