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Why You Need to Watch Jessica Jones

Why You Need to Watch Jessica Jones

                If you haven’t already binge-watched this show, you’re gonna want to log onto Netflix right now and get watching. I’m not messing around! This show is legit. It’s for my fellow TV-lovers/addicts, Marvel nerds, feminists, and any other human beings that just like to be entertained. I’m surprised it didn’t make bigger waves when it showed up on Netflix. Although it made a some ripples when it first came out, I expected more people to take note because this show is changing the direction of the tides in no subtle way.

1.       IT’S FEMINIST

Feminism + superhuman strength = bad ass! The female characters in this show are incredibly well-developed. Every episode passes the Bechdel test with flying colors. Plus, the writers don’t shy away from showing Jessica being sexual, being brave, and being the flawed heroine that audiences deserve.


Every episode is incredibly well-thought out. It has some good comic relief, great second-hand character plots, and fascinating relationships. Not to mention, Jessica’s entire character arc is completely perfect and viewer-satisfying.

3.       THE VILLIAN

This is probably one of the most intriguing and horrifying villains ever put on television and they chose the perfect actor. David Tennant plays Killgrave, a villain who preys on others for his own pleasure and is probably the first villain to represent rape culture in a very real and horrifying manner. People don’t think they can do anything to stop him, but our heroin makes it her personal vendetta to thwart his evil.


This show doesn’t start with an origin story, unlike many, many other Marvel characters’ stories. It jumps right into Jessica’s story because she is much more than her power.  This show begins by showing her character and her trauma.

It’s also the first interracial couple in Marvel media (TV and film), and the relationship between Jessica Jones and Luke Cage is both steamy and intriguingly complex. Plus, the writers made Jeri Hogarth a female, creating the first lesbian couple in the Marvel media universe.


We get to see Jessica and her adopted sister/closest friend, Trish in a relationship stronger than any male/female relationship on the show. Finding love is not Jessica’s number one priority right now, but protecting her friends always is. I know that this struck a chord with me and I’m sure that it will resonate will a lot of people watching.


If you can get past the pilot then it will definitely keep you watching. Every episode is most certainly quality and the ending does not disappoint. Not to mention, Jessica’s sour disposition makes for some funny, sarcistic quips.  A lot of people put a great deal of time, thought, art, and passion into this show. I hope you watch and I know that I am awaiting the next installment impatiently. 

If you like superhero TV and you want more:

Daredevil holds close ties to Jessica Jones and is definitely worth a watch.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer has some bad ass lady-heroes! 

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D will rock your socks off!

Maybe heroes aren’t your thing? Here are some other binge-worthy feminist shows:

Drama: Grey’s Anatomy, Jane the Virgin, Orange is the New Black, The L Word (for my LGBTQA drama-lovers), Scandal!

Sit-Com: New Girl, Parks and Recreation, Brooklyn 99 (surprisingly progressive I’ve discovered), Fuller House (The house is full of many things including cheesiness and awesome ladies!). 

Fantasy/Sci-Fi: Sense8, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Lost Girl, Firefly (these are all my personal favorites)

Political: The News Room, West Wing, Madam Secretary

Now go forth and watch as much TV as you can!

Laura Grace Sears is a sophomore aspiring to write for television, a dream inspired by the massive amounts of tv she watches. She enjoys people, pop culture, clothes and many other great things that would be of no use in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Nevertheless she continues to wallow in the creative parts of life. You can find her music page at facebook.com/MusicLauraGrace and follow her on pinterest at pinterest.com/lauragracesears.
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