What Not to Wear on Halloween

Not sure what to dress up as for Halloween this year? Let me remind you of why you should cross certain options off your list...


1. If you're not African American, don't dress up as an African American. 

Racial Halloween costumes are NOT okay. Dressing up as an African American-- darkening your skin, imitating African American hairstyles, and impersonating an African American-- suggests that you, the costume wear-er, are making fun of a certain race and culture. Not only this, but you are suggesting that you have given into racial and cultural sterotypes, implying that you view all African Americans similarly enough to know how to dress like one for Halloween. DON'T DO IT.


2. If you're not a Native American, don't dress up as a Native American.


This is also so wrong, ya'll. Native Americans have faced/ STILL face horrible abuse and unfair treatment, leaving them powerless in their own land. If you aren't Native American, you could not possibly understand this issue on a personal level. Dressing up as a Native American for Halloween suggests that you do understand this issue on a personal level without living through it, which just makes you look like a huge, offensive jerk. DON'T DO IT. 


3. If you are not transgender, don't cross-dress.

Being transgender comes with an enormous amount of pain, including the feeling of entrapment inside one's own gender. If you aren't transgender, these feelings are impossible to relate to on a personal level, so don't try to relate to them on a personal level by dressing up as transgender! An easy way to humiliate someone who is transgender and be completely unsympathetic towards these societal-baring issues, is to dress up like a transgender for Halloween. Don't alienate anyone for being who they are. Don't make light of their feelings. Not only would you be making light of the issues they face, but you would be contributing to societies negative steroetypes of the transgender community. DON'T DO THAT. 


4. Just... don't dress up in costume of another culture that is not your own. 


Be creative on Halloween, but don't use someone else's culture to be creative! Your own cultural and race is fab! If you aren't sure about a costume, then it may be best to think of something else! When choosing a costume this year, try to avoid anything that can be considered a stereotype. As long as the costume doesn’t mock another culture or race, there’s no reason why you can’t have fun becoming your favorite celebs or iconic characters on Halloween. Happy planning, Bobcats!