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A Week To Remember

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at GCSU chapter.

Georgia College’s 125th Homecoming was this past weekend, and with events happening left and right, it was nothing short of amazing.  SGA Debate, Opening show of Anything Goes, Concert, and Homecoming games all packed into one short week. Here are the highlights:

SGA Campaign

Barrett Stanley


Juawn Jackson

Current President, Juawn Jackson, ran for another term against President Pro Temp Barrett Stanley.  Both SGA members had different outlooks on certain topics.  It was not until the debate that turned the school into a frenzy that allowed Georgia College to see the highest voter turnout with aprox 3000 votes.  If you missed the debate, you can find it on youtube at GC360 News. One topic that struck the student body was SNAP (Student Night Auxilery Patrol). Jackson pushed for SNAP to be accessible to students seven nights a week while PPT Stanley wanted to reduce SNAP drivers due to winter weather issues. Other topics ranged from student fees to awareness and protection of our student body from assualt. In the end, Jackson came out with 50% of the votes while Stanley had 49% trailing by a mere 200 votes. 

Homecoming Concert

With a student band, PayDay, opening the concert, the rest of the lineup was Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas, Moon Taxi, and Waka Flocka Flame. 


Jessica and the Deltas

Moon Taxi

Waka Flocka

All of the artist were alternative while Waka Flocka was rap. There seemed to be drama behind the scenes, since Moon Taxi had been caught in an ice storm and almost did not make it to perform. They drove all the way down in one day, got stopped and drug searched due to a GPS screen getting them pulled over, and got stuck in an ice storm.  Needless to say they had a rough time, but were very excited to make it and be able to play for the completely packed Cenntinial Center.  

Waka Flocka was the headliner for the 125th Concert. I had the privledge to meet him backstage and interview him for GC360. Questions covered ranged from his insirpation, to how he got his name. Flocka replied that his inspiration came from his mother. She was a single mother working four jobs in order to provide for her family. And now Flocka is able to provide for her and give back what she had given to him. For the video of the interview, check out Youtube, GC360 News page.

Anything Goes

Aboard a cruise ship, two criminals, a love struck passenger, and a engaged debutante get into trouble while sailing the seas. Performed by the GC Theatre Department, featuring the GC Jazz Band, the show was a huge hit as the audience was almost full every night.  

Homecoming Game

With a representative of the homecoming court playing in the game, the girls team had extra motviation and won with Shanteona Keys by their side. The boys team lost in the final moments but played great as their whole school watched. The end results of the campaign for homecoming queen and king, and the addition of duke and duchess, Queen was ADPI’s Jasmine Krasle while duchess was Phi Mu’s Montgomery Jones. The King was David Robeson who beat out all of the fraternities which has not happened in years. The Duke was Delta Sigs Will Stubbs.