TV Heroines College Style

Check out this list of our favorite college heroines!

College Heroine #1: Veronica Mars

She’s your typically awesome college gal.

She goes out with friends.

She feels the struggle.

She has the college romance. Times two!

And, oh yeah, she solves crimes as a private eye.

With her private detective dad and their dog, Backup, she always gets her guy (or monkey, depending on the case). Season three is Veronica’s first year of college, a place very similar to GCSU, you know, except for the endless stream of crimes that Veronica must solve. In her first year at Hearst University, Veronica makes it her prerogative to chase down a campus rapist and catch a murderer. Let’s just say, you want this girl as your friend.

Veronica is so relatable and inspiring. She demands respect, stands up for the little guy, always has a sassy comeback, and is all about some steaming hot justice. Not to mention the romance on screen is super steamy.

College Heroine #2: Buffy Summers

She may be the vampire slayer, but she still understands the importance of a college education. She’s that girl who’s never prepared for class, that is, if she shows up. Buffy’s excuse is solid, though, since she used her last pencil to dust a vamp, and she didn’t make it to class because she was busy investigating the secret government facility that dissects monsters underneath the school. Nevertheless, she’s a gal we can relate to.

She gets called out by professors.

She suffers the roommate from hell. Literally.

She gets charmed by a player.

She overdoes the alcohol a bit.

Watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer season four has the power to make us feel understood because Buffy goes through some of the major pitfalls of college. It also empowers us to recognize our inner strength, because if she can do it while simultaneously saving Sunnydale, then so can we. Plus, you can’t watch season three without learning not to walk campus alone at night. That’s when the major creepoids, demons, and ghouls come out to play!

College Heroine #3: Rory Gilmore

She’s the girl we all wish we could be on test day.

She’s the closest thing to perfect – Yale girl, great grades, witty, driven, beautiful – but the cloud of self-doubt looms anyways. We feel that!

She understands basic needs.

When she's not studying, she understands what really matters: coffee, movies, and girl time.

Thank goodness for relatable college gals on TV, otherwise, how would we know how to do college?

Let's all be our own awesome versions of the perfect college heroine!