Tory Carver: The Sunshine of GCSU

Meet your fellow bobcat, Tory Carver. 

Tory is probably the cutest because she is ALWAYS smiling. Seriously, you will never catch the girl without a huge, sparkling smile across her face. 


In a bad mood? Say hey to Tory. You'll be sure to cheer right up. 

(Left: Tory's friend, Kallie. Right: Tory)

Get to know Tory:

Year: Junior (Graduating early! Hurry up, boys...)

Major: Marketing 

Soroity: Alpha Delta Pi

Favorite quote: "Hakuna Matata"

By the way, this is a signature Tory pose, incase you were wondering what that looked like.

Besides that, she is someone you could really learn a thing or two from. Tory studies harder than anyone I know. She never misses a class (I would know, she's my roommate). She meets for group projects almost every day. She always makes time to go to the gym. She has time for her loving friends, and she never misses a beat.  So, it IS possible to be organized and take care of yourself in college! 

Questions for Tory:


Her Campus: How do you make time for everything and still remain so happy?

Tory: I take one thing at a time. Sometimes I have to make compromises. I can't always be with my friends. I'd much rather be with them than study, but the wonderful thing about friends is that they're always there later. My friends are all busy and dedicated to school so we understand each other and respect our schedules because of it. Organizing your time is the best advice I can give. If you don't organize your time it usually results in stress and stress makes for a very unhappy day. I don't like unhappy days, so I organize my time. 

HC: What about when you have to work. I know you are a waitress at Biba's. How do you balance that, too?

Tory: If I have to work late, I usually make time to wake up early and catch up on things so I can be ready to start the day. 

Whoa! Nothing gets in the way of this bobcat! 


HC: What make you the happiest?

Tory: My family. I don't get to go home often because of work and my sorority, but nothing makes me happier than being home with the ones I love most. My mom is my hero. I can't be away from her for too long. She's my mom and also my best friend. She was the valedictorian of her class, so she is the one who influences me to work hard every day. I don't know how I'd get through life without that one! 


HC: What do you love about GC?

Tory: I love the size because I can have special, meaningful relationship with more people because of the closeness we share. I love the town of Milledgeville. Hardly anyone agrees with me on that one, but I can't help but adore the downtown and the city! Everything is cute and small and simple. What more could you ask for?!


HC: What do you want to do with marketing after graduation?

Tory: I'd love to do something with advertising. I love to create and I think advertising would provide me with many opportunities to create my own ideas and strategies. 

(Notice how Tory has the biggest smile). 


If you see Tory around campus, don't be shy! She's love to brighten you day :)