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A Spectacular Cutie: Darcy the Diva

It was an absolute privilege for me as a journalist to be able to interview Milledgeville’s most fabulous Chihuahua, Darcy. The daughter of Her Campus GCSUs own editor, Darcy arrived at GCSU in 2012 and has been painting the town pink ever since. She took time out of her busy day of manicures and shopping to answer some of my questions.

Full name: Darcy Marie Blanchard

Major: Mass Communications

Relationship Status: Single! I only have eyes for Mommy!

Hometown: Augusta, GA

What is your favorite Elle Woods quote? “Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed!” 

Describe your fashion sense: If Audrey Hepburn was a tiny chihuahua, then I would be that tiny chihuahua. 

How distraught were you to hear about the death of Paris Hilton’s beloved chihuahua, Tinkerbell? Tinkerbell died!?! NO!

Which famous diva do you relate to the most? Besides my mommy? Elle Woods’ Bruiser, of course!

Which TV dog is your favorite? Comet from Full House! Even though he is so big and scares me…

Who let the dogs out? Probably my mommy. 

Finally, I have to know, do you prefer Evian or Figi? Always Evian. I don’t drink anything else. 

Lover of iced coffee and all things cheetah print. Just a city girl living in a small town college world.
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