Perfect Gifts to Buy your Friends for Christmas

Your friends in college quickly become your family. The people you meet there and the people you live with become your shoulder to cry on, your rock to lean on, and your person to depend on. Which leads you to want to purchase the perfect gift for all of them to not only thank them for everything they’ve done for you (and oh have they been there) but also to show them how much they mean to you. The only problem is college is hopefully the poorest you’ll ever be in your life. So here is a list of 11 gifts under $25.

  1. Jar Candles

Jar Candles come in a variety of scents including Blushing Amber, Merry & Bright, Balsam Fir, Oh Christmas Tree, Holiday Spruce, and Hot Buttered Rum. They range in price anywhere from $5 to $10 and can be purchased at Target.


2. Cabin Socks

Cabin Socks are double layer fuzzy socks with non-slip grips on the bottom of the soles. Not only are they extremely comfortable, but they also come in tons of different colors and patterns. This is the perfect gift because you can choose each pair of socks to best match your besties personality. You can buy a pack of five on Amazon for around $10.


3. Bigmouth the Beast Giant Fist Drink Cooler

These hulk-hand like gloves hold your drink and keep it cold. It is the perfect gift for a white elephant party but it also is a great gift to give to a friend because it’s hilarious and will be a great conversation starter at pregames. You can buy it on Amazon for $16.99.


4. A Portable Pizza Pouch

This pizza pouch/statement jewelry is a pizza sized pouch that you wear around your neck that perfectly holds your pizza for you to eat when you feel the time is right. This will go with every outfit and is will always be in style. You can buy it for $8.50 on Amazon.


5. These super honest pencils

On thecarboncrusader’s Etsy page you can find pencils that say everything from “You Need Prayer” and “Find the Good in Each Day” to “Get Drunk & Text Your Ex” and “Tequila & Wine Makes Everything Fine.” These pencils will make the perfect gift because not only are they hilarious and completely customizable, but they’re also something your friends can use everyday. You can buy them on Etsy for $8.


6. Flask

Another practical gift for your friends to use everyday. You can either buy a plain one and decorate it yourself or you can buy a pre-decorated one. Urban Outfitters have their Oil Slick Flask for $18.

7. Start Where You Are Book

As you and your friends grow and find yourselves together, gift them this super cute book, which is a journal for self-exploration. Inside are pages with various questions on them for them to answer to help discover who they are and be who they want to become. You can buy it on Amazon for $16.


8. Tote Bag

These cloth tote bags are super in right now and can be used for basically anything. They work as an overnight bag or as a purse. You can get them on Amazon.


9. DVD/Blu-ray Copies of their Favorite Movies

Not only is this gift super thoughtful because it shows that you’ve been listening to them, but it also is a great reason to hang out with them. You can have movie nights together watching the movies you got them for Christmas.


10. Starbucks Gift Card

You can never go wrong with a Starbucks Gift Card. There is something for everything there and no matter who you give it to you know you’ll lose it. Plus, they are super easy to buy in bulk so if you want to give out multiple you can do it all in one trip.

11. Picture Collage

This is a super meaningful gift and one they can use to decorate their apartment wherever they move. It is super simple to make. All you need is a frame and printed out photos to glue on the cardboard background.