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MillyVegas: The Best of the Rest

Great news! Georgia College is the best! Surprised? Me neither.

Georgia College & State University climbs the ranks to 28th best from the 2015 “Best Colleges” guidebook. Students attending Georgia College roll their eyes and mutter, “It’s about time they realize.”

From the outside looking in, GCSU may seem small and quiet, but after attending a year and a half here, I realize the true potential of this school. From the beautiful front lawn, to the personalized classrooms and teachers, to the rendezvous fountain and always seeing a familiar face on campus, Georgia College has become more than a school for me: it’s home.

Many students here agree with me, including Alex Carrera, a junior, who had originally planned to transfer: “I really had not expected college to be so quaint and calm, but I like it. I like it too much to leave. I don’t know, there’s just something here. I can’t exactly tell you what it is, but everyone has caught it.”

Another student, Natalie Mau, muses on her experience as a junior at Georgia College: “I had never planned to transfer, but I was also never extremely set to stay here either. I kind of went wherever the wind took me and thankfully I ended up here. I couldn’t imagine anywhere better for what I look for out of college.”

In addition to being 28th as best colleges nationally, Georgia College has also been designated 10th among the top public regional universities and this is the second year in a row Georgia College has received this honor. We are the only school in Georgia to receive this! Go Bobcats!

To truly experience the feel of the Bobcat nation, walk around campus and watch the people that pass by. People smile, people wave and catch up with friends, people live their lives. Every day a beautiful experience and life is beginning here and if that beauty is not enough to rank us higher as one of the best colleges, then check out our academics as well.

It’s a rare moment to see the library completely empty because there are committed students everywhere. There are study groups, tutor sessions, encouragements, snacks, and love seen throughout the library, especially during midterms and finals. We all support each other through our academics, sports, and career choices.

We are Georgia College. We are climbing the ranks and we are here to stay. 

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