Mike Muller: SGA President Hopeful

Each year SGA elections are held during Homecoming week, bringing new life and excitement to Georgia College. Mike Muller has been a long time member of SGA. During his time he has spent countless hours working on various committees and working on university policy. Mike has now decided to move up to the next level by running for SGA president. Here at Her Campus GCSU, we had the pleasure to interview Mike about his platform, SGA beginnings and election. 

Her Campus: Tell me a bit about yourself. 

Mike Muller: I first got involved in SGA by reaching out to Juwan Jackson, the previous SGA President, on the street after my freshmen convocation. I asked him if we could meet and discuss SGA, and we did for hours. He convinced me to run for senate, I won, and I am here today. After winning, I was appointed to represent the student body on university committees, sparking my interest in university policy. Student government has been the greatest thing to happen to me at GC.

HC: Why have you decided to run for SGA President?

MM: I have decided to run for SGA President because I know I can affect the university and student body in a positive way. I have been working throughout my tenure to make sure I have experience, so I know how to serve the students. I know what I am getting myself into, and I know what I wish to change. I have been working to increase communication between SGA and the student body, and I hope to continue that work. I know that communication is key in an organization. To create a more active, more informed student body we must increase communication. I have the ability and the experience, and I will bring it all to the presidency.

HC: What are you most passionate about improving at Georgia College?

MM: Communication is the most important aspect of my campaign because if we increase communication, we can solve problems and create a better university. I love speaking and working with students, but neither I or all of SGA can talk to everyone. With more outreach through tabling, more surveys, and using social media like Facebook Live, we can work to reach more people.

HC: What does your platform consist of?

MM: Increasing communication on campus because with more communication students will be more aware of the events and resources we have on campus. At Georgia College the resources we have are endless. Whether that be the Woman’s Center, the Give Center, or SGA, we need to make students more aware of everything and everyone who are here for them. Also, there are so many events held be different campus organizations that students are just not aware of. We can increase communication by tabling more often, sending out monthly bulletins of campus events and resources, and having weekly Facebook live events where students can ask me, if I become president, questions about university policy. I also want to increase accessibility by focusing on parking and a better r25 system. I have sat on the Parking and Transportation this last semester, and I know how to start solving the parking issues: working to zone more lots to students. We must reverse the current trend that the university is taking to zoning parking from commuters to faculty close to campus. This can be solved. With regard to R25, I have been in talks with Campus Life about a system which integrates R25 and Orgsync so students will know what events are happening on campus and how to reserve space.

I also want to continue my work with Academics by increasing the library hours. This can be done with a larger voice from the students because faculty do not know this is currently a problem. We must get more students on the Library Advisory committee as well as being to send more surveys regarding the issues to gauge student interest and opinion. Student success is as important to you as me, and I want to continue my work with increasing the use of D2L system. Students have a right to access their grades and assignments in a timely manner. This is the system to do it.

Last, I hope to make a more involved student body by asking fraternities, sororities, and large organizations like GC Miracle to “adopt” athletic home games where they could raise money for philanthropy or just have fun as a fun bonding event for the organization. We would be creating a community between all of our campus, and if we support athletics, they will support us. Increase advertising for campus events will also help with turnout at events for all organizations. I will work to increase communication as president.

HC: Why are you a good candidate to vote for?

MM: I have passion, policy, capability, and I know I will represent the students well.

HC: Any skeletons in your closet that would inhibit your election?

MM: I am a big Star Wars fanatic, so I hope that doesn’t come out. 

Note: All SGA Presidential Candidates were invited to interview with Her Campus GCSU. Her Campus GCSU does not openly support any candidate. 

Photos were provided by Mike Muller