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Mary Mason Beale: A Candid Cutie

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at GCSU chapter.

Meet Mary Mason Beale, HerCampus GCSU Cutie! I mean, could she be any more adorable?

The Basics

  • Full Name: Mary Mason Beale
  • Hometown: Valdosta, GA
  • Year: Sophomore
  • Age: 21 in a month!
  • Major: Psychology
  • Clubs/Organizations: Baptist Collegiate Ministries (BCM), Hydrolove, Women’s Club Ultimate, and Psychology Club
  • Relationship Status: So single it hurts (lolz)


Questions – Get to know your cutie a little more! 

  1. Who is your celebrity crush? Do I have to pick just one? Oooh! Alex Pettyfer! GOSH, that face! That jawbone! Oh! Or Eric (Will Friedle) from Boy Meets World when he was ‘Eric age.’ (Also, add in Taylor Kitsch – refer to #5)
  2. If you could pull a Freaky Friday and be someone else for a day, who would you choose and why? I would be Ellen! Or Amy Poehler! Or Ronald Reagan! But wait…he’s dead, so that might be boring…
  3. What question do you hate to answer? “Where do you want to go eat?”
  4. Favorite song to jam to in the car? “Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher” by Jackie Wilson! It’s an oldie, but a goodie for sure. Do not deprive yourself of listening to this song. I have a friend back in Valdosta who has a tambourine, so we’ll sing and play along to the song in the car.
  5. What is your guilty pleasure TV show? Law and Order: SVU. I love that show. I watch it all the time. I also love Friday Night Lights because Tim Riggins is beautiful. NO!! Can I change my man crush?? I want it to be Taylor Kitsch, who plays Tim Riggins.  
  6. What’s the next thing you want to mark off of your bucket list? I just did one! Literally two minutes ago I just petted a St. Bernard puppy (named Nana like off Peter Pan!) on front campus. So, check that off! I don’t know what will be next. 
  7. Best corny pick-up line you’ve heard? “Hey, is your name Mickey? ‘Cause you so fine.”
  8. Do you have any special talents? I can burp louder than any man and I know how to lasso. Those are my hidden talents. Well, I guess not so hidden.. Well, the roping one is kind of hidden because I don’t always have rope with me…that would be weird.
  9. What is your spirit animal? Why? My spirit animal would be a goat because I am wise, but I also know how to jump off things and party.
  10. Most important question: are you an over or under person when it comes to toilet paper roll placement? I am a very firm advocate of over, in an effort to protect myself and my toilet paper from spiders. 

Always a pleasure, Mary Mason. Peace out until next time, ya cutie you. 

Charis Andrews is an early childhood education major, psychology minor at Georgia College & State University. She is greatly looking forward to her days as a kindergarten teacher. She loves photography, Pinterest, glitter, coffee, Jesus, nail polish, and finding new great shows to binge watch (recommendations, anyone?). You can follow her on Instagram at @charisandrews