Katy Hall: Selfless Cutie

Meet this week's obvious cutie- Katy Hall.

Year: Junior

Hometown: Kennesaw, Georgia

Age: 20

Major: Marketing

Relationship Status: Taken 

Favorite Disney Princess: "Cinderella. I used to think she was so pretty and felt bad for her."


Katy is a Junior here at our very own Georgia College with a heart for the community and the animals within it. Not only is Katy involved in many campus activites ranging from the GC club tennis team to volunteering at the Ronald McDonald house regularly with her sorority, Alpha Delta Pi, but she also gives a generous amount of her time to volunteering at ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation) right here in Milledgeville.

ARF is an organization that Milledgeville's animals would be hopeless without. From being a student at Georgia College and from simply living in Milledgeville, it is obvious that the stray animal (cats and dogs, mostly) problem is one that is a bit out of control at times. That is where ARF comes in. ARF is a tax exempt, non profit organization that takes in stray, homeless animals and provides them with healthcare, food and nourishment, and a place to sleep until they are adopted.

Katy spends her time at ARF caring for the animals, making sure they get their exercise and much needed love, and helping these animals find permanent homes. Katy describes her time at ARF as "relaxing" and "rewarding." She explains, "It's a great place I can go to when I need a break from the stress of school, and I can know that I'm making a difference while I'm there." What a big heart for such a little cutie! 

Last year Katy adopted her very own sweet pal, Harvey, from ARF. Today, she doesn't know what she would do without him. 

If you have questions about how to volunteer at ARF, or if you are interested in adoption, you can ask Katy or visit their website here:


Also, plenty of information is posted regularly on their Facebook page here: