Jordan Nicolette: Belgium's New Sweetheart

Georgia College's junior exercise science major and life of the party, Jordan Nicolette, spent her 2015 Spring Break in California where she worked on a role for a music video that would debut in Summer 2015 for Belgium's very own Justin Beiber, Ian Thomas.

Thomas is an 18 year old pop singer from Belgium who has collaborated with Flo Rida, Tyga, and with more American pop singers, also happens to be a family friend to the Nicolettes. With Nicolette's free spirit, outgoing personality, and striking good looks Thomas asked her to play his date, the beautiful dancing queen at the party, in his new music video for his song "Cheers" featuring Tyga. When asked about her experience of the production process she described it as "Surreal. I was treated like a celebrity even when we weren't rolling. I thought I was just going to help out, but everyone wanted to fit my needs. It was a ton of fun and I definitely did not want to leave California!" 

Mentions of Nicolette's toned tan legs and striking smile when she hops out of the Lamborghini to her keen dancing skills at the party, was all the talk around campus when the video premiered on Youtube in early May. "I had seen small clips of the video when we were filming, but when it was all done and put together it was so much more than I expected. It was such an awesome experience and the actual video is such a cool way to remember it." 

If you see Jordan around campus, say hello and ask for her autograph. If you know kind-hearted Jordan, you know that she was already a campus celebrity before! 

You can watch the music video here: