The Her Campus Guide to College Life Book Review


Looking for a gift for your sister, cousin, or friend who is graduating high school? Need a birthday gift for your sorority sister? Then be sure to check out Her Campus’ new book - The Her Campus Guide to College Life!

This book has everything you need to know about college! It includes several chapters ranging in topic from how to bond with your roommate, to how to beat those freshmen fifteen, and to how to cope with stress during finals. This book has everything a young collegiate needs to know in order to stay safe and healthy, manage stress, and have some of the best years of your life. This book is relatable to any girl no matter her year – from a senior in high school to a senior in college about to head into the real world, this book will help you with relationships, friendships, and how to properly manage it all. From health tips to safety tips, the founders at Her Campus thought of everything when they wrote this book!

Here at the GCSU chapter, we adore this new book and recommend it to any young collegiate! Whether it’s a gift for a friend or just a gift for yourself, The Her Campus Guide to College Life is a fabulous read!

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